I am still catching up on TAST stitches. Kiko’s flower stitch tutorial is here on Pintangle. Though this was part of earlier TAST challenge, it was not explored then. At that time I was terrified of bullion knots.
This stitch is combined with other stitches in this pattern sampler.
Kiko’s flower stitches are worked with- chain stitch, herringbone stitch, buttonhole stitch and feather stitch.



The other stitches in this second part of the sampler are- woven chain stitches, triple chain stitches, french knots and coral stitch.



This part of the sampler is decorative florals made of kiko’s flower stitches and other stitches. the details of other stitches.



These florals started with cretan stitch ring, french knots centre and berry stitch petals.

38.132.kiko's st-4

38.132.kiko’s st-4

First sample has square herringbone and pistil stitches, second sample is made of basque stitch ring and the Algerian eye stitch forms the centre for the third sample.

38.132.kiko's st-5

38.132.kiko’s st-5

The first sample has arrowhead ring, slipped detached chain stitch ring is the base for the second sample and whipped square and a variation of kikos flower stitch [the buttonhole stitches after the first buttonhole stitch are shorter , making the bullion stitches angled] form the third motif.



After working two more samples  with buttonhole stitch, fern stitch and fly stitches ,the sampler was completed.

38.132.kiko's flower stitch sampler

38.132.kiko’s flower stitch sampler

This cannot be called a simple stitch, but it was easier than I expected. One tip- it is best to work the other stitches first [especially the chain stitches] because the thread gets entangled over this textured stitch.