chocolate bouquet

This is a  kurthi[short top,blouse] ,which I had bought for a specific purpose.

After that, this was sitting plainly staring at me wanting to be embellished.

 I wanted something simple and elegant ,and chose a small motif.This picture is the work in progress-

Violet blouse-wip

The colour looks different from violet, because of the dark pink streaks.This is handloom cotton.

I  added some stick on stones around the embroidery-

violet blouse

 This motif comes just below the neckline.

To help the people who are part of the  post a day [week]challenge,  wordpress is suggesting topics to write about-

 today’s topic- why did I write a blog?

While browsing the net ,I was inspired by the blogs.[didn’t know I can also do one]

Then,Sharon was already  in the third year of her needlework challenges, I wanted to join stitch explorer challenge, realised I ‘ll require a blog to write about my work.

I went on from there.

Still I am using this  blog to write about my journey in embroidery. Iam still unfamiliar with photo editing, so keep putting off my tutorial ventures,Once Iam comfortable with the basics[photo editing] I can write tutorials and post few of my own patterns in  that  particular form of embroidery, to make it more interesting.

It has more than a month since I wrote a post. I went to India  to participate in the engagement of my nephew,Bablu.. This is an arranged marriage.The bride’s name is Gayathri- very sweet girl. group

 I had  a wonderful time. On the auspisious time ,the priest reads aloud the marriage invitation, so we made adecorative panels[madal] to stick the invitation-madal-blue     



   madal-orange                          the bride’s            groom                                                                             




I made 2 boxes to store these panels-box-orange





We also made a thoran[flower arrangement on the entry way]

we tied short artificial  flower strips together , to achieve this result-thoran

The previous day was the valentine’s day- for this we  designed a chocolate bouquet-chocolate-bouquet

I also enjoyed embroidering  my nephews kurthas-bablu-kurtha  bala-kurtha








I wore a kancheevaram silk sari[veldhari- horizontalgold thread all over]

Iam here with my manni[brother’s wife] . these are her sons. The dark green sari is our family friend-tast-123

I’ll continue  with my embroidery details from the next post. Thankyou  all for all the wonderful comments , you have taken effort to send.  These are helping me a lot.I’ll deal with your requests for your tutorials. after I tackle my stitch challenges, I have just started on my stitch explorer challenge.-chicken scratch