4. portugese border st -2

Iam skipping the 3. hedebo bead st for the timebeing.

Working on the fourth week st of the stitch Challenge TAST 2010 was a breeze.I chose a bluish green grey[ If there is such a colour], but which is seen as plain grey in photos.

I explored this stitch with various threads-different strands of Cotton skein, perle cotton 8,and some local thread.It gave an opportunity to practice this stitch-

4. portugese border st -1

The next variation – I tried doing the stitch vertically, not different at all! just looked like individual stitches.-

4.portugese border st

Added some beads,  tried alternating the threads, and played a little with the  basic band stitches-

4.Portugese border st-3

And my sampler of Portugese border st-

4. Portugese border st sampler

At present Iam also working on tunics.