I don’t remember where I got the pattern for this ornament. I don’t have the details.I AM SORRY for not giving the person who had designed it the due credit.I won’t  be selling this piece,It’s for personal decoration only.

Peach ornament-wip

 I stitched this piece with anchor cotton skeins #s-13,11,889,10.A few peach glass/plastic[?] beads were also added.

Peach ornament with beads

With a dark peach cord and a tussel , the piece is now ready for decoration.

The square peach ornament

I loved cross stitching those hearts!

Yesterday I visited Sharon’s blog for the TAST2 challenge. It is diamond stitch.I have been trying to work this stitch.And have reached to a point where I feel,my diamond stitch will be a uniquely crooked one.IAM working really hard on getting each and every twist as different  as possible. Maybe Iam TALENTED! EarlierI wanted to try some variations, but now I can have so many variations in  single line!