dark blue yoke on blue tunic

Now that the embroidery on the yoke is completed, the yoke and the tunic fabric were given to the tailor for sewing.
The tailor chose a neck pattern for this tunic. Tunic with yoke and neck line-

d b yk on blue tunic- neckline

The completed tunic-

dark blue yoke on blue tunic

The close up of the yoke and the tunic-

da bl yk on blue tunic- closeup2

The tailor had done a fine job on this tunic.
The length of the tunic ends just above my knees, it can be worn either with tights or jeans. For few dresses, the embellished colour combinations work out pretty well with that dress coordinates. This one comes in that category.
Otherwise the colours are fine , the dress doesn’t go with any thing else, or the embroidery is good, but the pattern is very uninteresting. It also happens, that everyone else praise how well the dress looks, but you feel , you haven’t done anything worthwhile on that.
The pattern drawing of the yoke-

pattern of the d b yk on blue tunic


I had planned to work embroidery on the sleeves too. after seeing the time involved in working the yoke, I dropped  the idea.

The floral motifs were worked to two colours. Then straight stitches were worked over the petals. Then centre of each flower was embellished with blue stones. Blue beads were stitched on the petals long with the straight stitches.  Forgot to take pictures  at these stages. The completed yoke-

dark blue yokeon blue tunic- completed

Close up of the same. the beads and the stones are not clearly seen in the picture, but they are there!

dbyk bliue tunic-closeup1


The completed yoke was placed over the tunic fabric-

dabl yk on blue tunic-on tunic fabric

The sewn tunic with yoke and the yoke pattern on my next post.

The motif border is worked in blue thread. The next colour is dark pink. This is worked in chain stitch , outlining the blue thread.
The threads used in this yoke are silk threads, I used two strands of thread throughout the embroidery. the stitches were simple. The starting of the pink thread-

dark blue yoke on blue tunic-WIP1

The same yoke when completed with the pink thread, the closeup-

dark blue yoke on blue tunic-WIP2

Then straight stitches were worked in blue inside the petals.
Next post with the beads.

I back from my vacation, now settled with my routine. This time it was Singapore and Chennai.
Time spent at Chennai was completely taken over by dentist appointments[ root canal, crowning everything painful!]
This blue tunic fabric is printed mercerized cotton. I liked the pattern and colour so much, that wanted to wear immediately. But after some time ,a yoke pattern idea came to mind. I tried it on this tunic-

da bl yk on bl tunic fabric

I used dark blue striped fabric for yoke. Hence the heading ‘dark blue yoke on blue tunic’ – actually Iam running out of names of the tunics I post. I name them for my reference,though, it is getting hard.
This yoke pattern is made of motif border.I left the centre space empty.the tailor did a decorative neckline. I have the pattern , if anyone is interested
The motif is worked in two colours of thread and embellished with beads.
The embroidery started with the variegated thread outline, the first colour on the motif-

da bl yk on blu tunic-starting

Rest on my next post.