January 2011

A traditional Indian motif pattern was chosen for the main yoke.The motif is repeated twice to lengthen the pattern.
For the first time I took photos at different phases of this embroidery.
The outline of the motif- -.I started with dark colours , brown for diamond shape, green for curves

Orange yoke-1


.The flower pattern is done in variegated thread.

Orange yoke-2

The extra details are done in light green thread

orange yoke-3

The herringbone stitches are outlined in back stitch with yellow thread.

Orange yoke-4

I’ ll continue with the details in the next post.

Decorative border-

This decorative seam is part of a sleeve border for the white tunic.I made two border patterns, one in orange with just sequins and this one in golden yellow.

The edging stitch is back stitch, with variegated thread[red/brown]
The square filling stitch is surface satin in orange, green& variegated thread.

decorative border in yellow-1

These squares are outlined with double running stitch.

Decorative border in yellow-2

Sequins and beads are added in between the squares

decorative border in yellow-completed

This part is completed for the sleeves and border for the yoke,
the yoke details on next post.

In this decorative border, I was trying to work on those stitches and colours which will not be tedious to do, and at the same time will not compromise the effect.
Stitches were well chosen, but colours played their part in extending the time.

Sometimes my husband allows me to try embroidery on his shirts. This is one such occasion.This is a store bought shirt in blue.
I chose a simple border repeat pattern for this.
The whole stitching is done in mono colour in back stitch.And further to personalize this shirt,I embroidered a”G”[rather lopsided] over the pocket.

Embroidered blue shirt

Maybe I am a little fond of Roman[ or is it greek?] patterns.

This is closeup of the embroidery.

Embroidered blue shirt- closeup

This handloom cotton fabric is in light pink mixed with beige.
I wanted to do a medium sized motif repeat pattern for a yoke,for quite sometime.
For this set, the salwar[Indian pants] is block printed cotton in dark pink.
The basic pattern is in oval shape, which is repeated all over the yoke.
The colours used were pink& green, apt for creepers,flowers& leaves.
This picture was taken,while I was still working the embroidery-

Pink&green yoke-working

After finishing the embroidery, I added a few zardosi beads at the tips,

Pink & green yoke

Now, the finished yoke with the salwar.

Pink &beige tunic

Though the basic pattern is not very big, by repeating it,we can have a big embroidered yoke.A few years back, I had a store bought tunic, embroidered[machine] with this type of yoke, This tunic is inspired by that.

The tunic is silk chiffon in dark blue[ with violet shades]..The all over paisleys are in dark pink ,golden yellow and light blue. So the fabric on which the embroidery is done is also dark pink. I used dark blue, yellow&light blue colours for embroidery embroidery.
The stitches used are-
Back stitch,chain stitch,fly stitch, arrowhead st, straight stitch.
Some sequins and beads are also used for embellishments.

Blue&pink tunic

A simple pattern is chosen for embroidery.The closeup-

Blue&pink tunic- closeup

Lesson learnt-Choose better quality of sequins and beads for silk fabrics. Only then,it gives a better look.

The tunic is cream[greenish] semi tussar silk fabric.I have a banares silk dupatta in beige and green.This piece was designed to match that
.This was the first time to use stones and zardosi beads together.
I chose a very simple pattern ,the stitches were satin and stem.

light green tunic

The fabric did not lend itself to the embroidery.

light green tunic-closeup

the main attraction in this set is the dupatta[scarf],Iwanted to keep it that way, but still, would have been happier if the embroidered  yoke also looked better than it is now.

This is white linen tunic with pink stripe..
For this ,I chose a dark pink fabric for the embroidery.
The stitches used were-
Herringbone st,chain st, buttonhole st and straight st.
The design was a simple repeat pattern, for sleeves and yoke.
Later this was embellished with beads and sequins.

White&pink linen tunic

The colours used were- shades of pink, green and yellow[ very little imagination]

White&pink linen tunic-closeup

It is just a mixture of decorative seam treatments.

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