assissi embroidery

I enjoyed doing this month’s stitch explorer-Assissi embroidery.

But ,Iam not fully satisfied because, I don’t feel I have explored this embroidery.I did not try new and bigger ways. Iam still new to these challenges,and just feeling my way now around .

I did not explore trellis stitch at all -Iam yet to learn.Somehow I keep postponing it.

My assissi picture frames all together-assissi007

I eagerly waiting  for the next challenge,and hoping I can explore and finish it on time.

This is the last picture of my four assissi frame  designsassissi0041


  Deer was the main theme.I chose  an easy blackwork fillng pattern.

I like the border of this picture the best of the four .

I forgot to take photo of this picture ,while I was working.

The framed picture-assissi006

This is the third picture of the assissi frames ,I designed last year.


The peacock is the main design in this picture.Iam always fond of traditional  Indian motifs.Within the size of the frame,I was unable to do a symmetrical design.Deciding on the   overall pattern  was not as easy as I thought it would be. assissi001

The border is very simple chesswork pattern.


Now the framed picture-


This  is the 2nd picture I had designed earlier for doing  assissi embroidery.I have maintained the basic idea of miniature [Indian]  in this also. This is also a symmetrical floral design.


I did not work on the blackwork filling patterns ,when I designed these pictures.Along with working on the design, I had to calculate on the overall blackwork pattern too.I am doing  a different pattern for each picture, just to give myself a variety.assissi005


I stitched my initials on the big flower petal.


The picture allignment is not good, too late to do something about it.

Little imperfections are part of the trade!

The border is a geometrical pattern.

This is not a square weave  cloth, it is rectangular. Important detail-which I overlooked, while calculating the number of squares for the designs,.Fortunately I found that before I started working, and added 10 squares to the width and adjusted.

st-ex009I was waiting for this ,from the moment I joined the stitch explorer challenge.

March’challenge- assisssi embroidery was on my to do list.I had designed small pictures last year, but the right time never came, to work on them.

Now I can  work on the challenge and project together- I started on my first  5 days ago-

Design- I was inspired by the mughal miniatures when I was designing the pictures. Inner design is derived from that.


The border was  a geometrical pattern. the finished picture-


 I already had this IKEA frame, and this was the reason,I designed the pattern.

 I enjoyed working on this, thankyou Sharon.