33.pekinese stitch

Today I worked a few more variations on this Pekinese stitch sampler .
8. In the first row, French knots are worked over a line of Pekinese stitch, and in the second row, Pekinese stitch is worked on feather stitch.


9. Pekinese stitch is worked on half chevron stitch in the first row, and both sides of the cross stitch line is worked in pekinese stitch, I liked this treatment.


10. In the first two rows, I used fly stitches and detached chain stitches to elongate alternate curves of Pekinese stitch. Last row is a combination of pekinese stitch and Cretan stitch.


With this seam, the Pekinese stitch sampler is completed.
The sampler-

33.pekinese stitch sampler2

Though this stitch was simple, it was time consuming to work the basic back stitch for all rows. It was hard to maintain the tension in the beginning , later it became manageable. Enjoyed working on this stitch sampler.

The part of the Pekinese stitch sampler done so far-

33. pekist-sampler1

These variations of Pekinese stitch are combinations with other stitches.
5. Individual herringbone stitches are worked between two rows of Pekinese stitches in the first row, and Pekinese stitch is worked over herringbone stitch in the second row.


6. In these two rows, Pekinese stitches are worked with basque stitch and bonnet stitch.


7. In the first row, Pekinese stitch is worked over buttonhole stitch and again a row of pekinese stitch is done under the buttonhole stitch, and the circles of alternate stitches are lengthened with the buttonhole stitch bars.
The second row, is trial of individual Pekinese stitches done at an angle. Not very successful though!


After six long weeks in India, I am back in Muscat . I did not have time to do embroidery there. Still these few variations of Pekinese stitch were done earlier, before I decided to continue with  the other TAST 2012 stitches in Muscat. I need to do a lot of catching up of these last few weeks. The variations of pekinese stitch-
3. The back stitches are wider in this first row,the Pekinese stitches are worked over a row of zigzag back stitch in the second row, the third row is a trial of various shapes in Pekinese stitch.


4. The Pekinese stitch is worked over a row of chain stitch in the first row, detached chain stitches are worked between two rows of Pekinese stitches in the second row-


This week’s stitch is Pekinese stitch on the TAST 2012 stitch challenge by SharonB.
I have not done this stitch before. I found some similarities between this stitch and Kashmiri couching stitch. I tried some samples of this stitch-
1. The back stitch is done in pink and the Pekinese stitch is done in blue perle cotton .first row, is the trial of the stitch. The second and third rows are two lines of Pekinese stitches facing towards and away from each other.


2. The first row is Pekinese stitch worked in a curved line. The second row, I tried twisting the thread alternatively in both directions[not successfully, though]. The third row is two lines of Pekinese stitch in two colours.