November 2008

I have been working on tunics again. Up loading pictures took time.Yesterday I started working on my TAST challenge,Oyster st. This is a new stitch for me.I started learnt the stitch from Sharon’s blog.The stitch being new I didn’t have too many ideas. The colour of the stitch is blue, I didn’t add any other colour to it.This also limited variations. I can’t honestly say, the stitch has come out fine.But, I learnt one new stitch, I finished this week’s challenge. the stitch-

oystyer st detail-1

oystyer st detail-1oyster st detail-2oyster stitch

November 15, 2008

Silk tunic

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I have completed a neck design on a silk tunic.I bought the hand woven silk in India two months back.You get wonderful collection there. the collection is also a source for designs.This fabric is block printed in biege, which is also quite common.  Using spun cotton  in beige for the embroidery,  the whole piece is done in single strand. I added a line of antique gold sequins with a small pearl.the design-g

the completed tunic-b

November 6, 2008

Last year’s tunic

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I am still in the thinking mode for the next TAST stitch.So, Iam sharing with you the yoke design of a tunic. The material is cotton.Looking at the border weave, maybe it’s kanchi cotton.the tunic was too plain, so I wanted a design, a traditional Indian paisley motif. I drew the design,  which was just  a few curved lines. And chose the colours from the border weave and the salwar.I worked along the lines with different embroidery stitches and contrasting colours. Here it is-red tunic -1red tunic-2

November 4, 2008

fly stitch

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I have completed my sampler of fly stitch.The variations  have been on even weave fabric. Iam still postponing the idea of doing the same  stitches on normal fabrics, thinking, I’ll be stuck with the same stitch for a long time, which might turn boring. I want to be fresh, open to new styles,while working on the samplers.Iam still in the thinking mode for choosing  the next to see my finished sampler of fly stitch-fly-8