August 2010

I managed to miss the Up&down buttonhole on the first TAST challenge.I got caught here. Initially thought this was a hard stitch,but later found this was not so.

this sampler is also on checked fabric, I had some gingham cloth left over from stitch explorer challenge, chicken scratch.

I tried the stitch in ,2, 4,and 6 strands,then did a 3-step feather stitch.

up&down feather st-1


I extended the 2nd stitch on this row.

Varied the width alternatively.

Made the second stitch shorter than the first.

Did the stitch in 2 colours.

up&down feather st-2


In this row, I went down twice[LOL].

Going down twice, added some bugle beads too.

Laced with thread ,

made this stitch in 4 steps[is this the right way of saying this?]

Now thought, How can I use this stitch on closed feather stitch?

Up and down feather stitch-3


Another variation of- Up& down closed feather stitch, quite a handful is n’t it?[because I am typing]

Mixture of closed feather stitch and up&down feather stitch, with beads too.

 Here I added arrowhead st on top and bottom.

up&down feather st-4


this one is with detached chain

Stitched beads at different points on this row.

Three rows of this stitch,This could have been used for up&down buttonhole stitch too.

up&down feather stitch -5

Now for the full sampler-

Up&down feather st samp-1


On this following part of this sampler, a part was left out of  the close up.

Two rows , I changed the direction of the stitch,

Then did  3 rows of stitch in different heights.-

Up&down feather st samp-2


the last part of the full sampler-

up&down feather st samp-3


this was an easy stitch.And I enjoyed doing these variations. My personal library of stitches  is growing.

While  browsing the antique pattern books downloaded  from the antique pattern library, I was fascinated by some embroidery designs done  in white on bonnets.  Such wonderful patterns. And I wanted to use them .

I had a stitched  pink tunic with a white printed salwar.

The E-book did not have  patterns, only the embroidery. So I made a choice of the design and the stitches. These I incorporated on a symmetrical  yoke pattern.After tranfering the pattern to the tunic,I did the embroidery.

the fabric is  handloom cotton in plain pink.

White emb on pink-1

the veiw from another angle-

White emb on pink-2

The  embroidery  work  I did was not perfect by any standards.So what ? This ‘ll be one more excuse to do more embroidery.

Iam participating in the stitch challenge  TAST2010 by Sharon.B

the 18th week stiitch is wave stitch,it appears similar to cloudfilling , which was also in this challenge.

 This is a filling stitch.And Iam doing band samplers. So, I made thin rows of this stitch-

 Started with the basic stitch,

Then went on to see how this stitch will look shaded.

wave st samp-1

On this row I started with single strand of cotton skein, and kept adding more thickness ,while I went down.

 Now In this ,the 1st line was normal, but I made the stitch on the 2nd line short and long.

I tried making some pattern with this stitch and detached chain stitches.

Wave st samp-2

 To form this row, 2 lines of this stitch is made with space inbetween.Then a small straight st is added there,to work the pink 2 lines of this stitch again.

 I got the inspiration from  sample  done  on the flickr galery of this challenge.She had done this stitch in free form, -first I  decreased the height of the stitches on the subsequent lines and on the right side, I increased the height of the stitches.

Wave st samp-3

 In this row I decreased the number of stitches to half on the second line.

Now, I increased the numder of  stitches on the subsequent lines.

Wave st samp-4

I tried varying the height of the stitches on the second line, As you can’t say it is pretty, I added some detached chain.

Instead of moving as a wave on the 1st line,I  did one stitch straight  and the next stitch slant.I followed this pattern on the second line too.

Wave st samp-5

On this row fly stitches are added  to the valleys made by wave stitch.

I became real adventurous now, added same detached wave on the second row . [was not a great idea.]

I wanted to do some diamond patterns with this stitch.

Wave st samp-6

Now I shouted ‘ENOUGH’ and did a row  of what this stitch is meant for- filling stitch.

 Added some fly stitches,upright crosses, small squares, straight stitches,detached chain on the free spaces.

wave st samp-7

With that I finish this sampler-

Wave st sampler-1

which is continued-

Wave st sampler-2

Though I have done a few trials of this stitch,The actual working of the stitch is not very  perfect., A marked fabric would have helped, maybe.

Anyway , Let’s move on,

This journey is quite long.

While visiting Sharon’s blog  I read that there  are some interesting  things going on stitchin fingers.Do pop over there and see. the first challenge on”post a photo of—” is couching.

I don’t have any photos to post.I have done earlier kashmiri couching stitch on a green silk tunic.I don’t have the pictures.I wanted make a sampler of the kashmiri couching stitches, while doing the first TAST challenge.Haven’t done it though.

 While visiting this Shawki’s blog  today,I found some thing interesting.There are   free projects here.

green crepe

This embroidery I did in 2008.The tunic fabric is printed crepe in green.

This time I was smart enough to  do 2 things-

1-I  did the embroidery on a different piece of cloth[cotton].

2-I gave lining to the tunic, so that  it maintained its shape.

the embroidery did not have many contrasting colours.

The focus here was antique sequins and beads. So the pattern is a very simple one.   geometrical repeats were designed on a graph paper.Now for the closeup-

Green crepe- closeup

I was quite happy with the  embroidery, pattern, stitching of this tunic.I am wearing it as a salwar top now. I do seem to have lots of green tops, though!

Iam happy about , the name of this week’s stitch is short.

This is the 17th week of the stitch challenge TAST 2010 by Sharon B.

.As Iam working all the stitches in a band form,I tried doing this individual stitch also in  rows.

1st  is always a learning line.

I did a row of arrowhead stitch,and placed the sword stitch on the peaks and valleys.

 3rd row is  also arrow head stitch,with the sword stitches facing each other.

sword st samp-1

 This row of sword st is leaning towards the left, I added floral sequins and some beads, and as you can see,I bungled with the beads.

In this , 4  sword stitches are starting from the center , where an upright cross stitch is done, I finished  this by  adding few cross stitches, in between.

sword st samp-2

3 sword stitches are starting from the center with  sequins.The photo is not good.

sword st samp-3

I did these  2 rows of sword stitch in 2 colours,to make it more decorative,I changed the angle of the stitches  and added some beads .

first motif of sword stitches is with detached chain stitches.

2nd motif,I did a small needle threading at the centre, with a circle of sword stitches.

3rd motif is a semi circle of  sword stitches  in 2 rows,with beads

sword st samp-4

Last row is collection of 3 sword stitches going in 3 directions.

I liked the stitch,  and the colours I used for this sampler. Very simple stitch.Can also be used as a filling stitch.

The full sampler-

Sword stitch sampler

This week’s challenge stitch of the TAST 2010 was very interesting.It blends itself to many possibilities. I tried only a few-

To start off, I tried this stitch for the first time.

next line, the narrow and wide version of this stitch is alternated.

3rd line-as you can see, one stitch is short  and next one long.

I tried varying the heights  of the stitch.

 In this- 2 lines of the stitch, facing each other.

Italian border st samp-1

 Next, just two lines of the stitch.

 this stitch is a trial of  decorative seam,just by adjusting the placement of the stitch.

Arranged the stitch in a semi- circle.

Italian border st samp-2

detached chain st ,fly stitch  are added to a line of this st.

The line is made of the stitch in 2 colours.

A line where I alternated between the basic stitch and its inversion, embellished with beads.

Laced this line with a thicker thread.

I whipped the last line of this stitch.

Italian border st samp-3


This is a very beautiful stitch., can be used in place of fly stitch as a decoration.

The stitch will look better if done on an evenweave.

 I keep changing the fabric, to see how each stitch appears on them.

And my personal library of stitches is also growing.

 My sampler-

Italian border st sampler

I wanted to try some blackwork border for tunic.This tunic is handwoven  ikat  fabric in white colour.I did the blackwork pattern on black fabric.

First , the whole pattern was drawn on a graph paper- A central panel, 2 side panels and 2 borders for sleeves.

 The tunic looks like this-

blackwork border tunic

Then I attached some antique beadhangings to the central panel.the closeup-

blackwork boder -central panel.

And for the side panels and sleeves, small silver colour beads were added. the closeup-

blackwork border-small border

 I could have used brighter pink thread,

while I was doing the embroidery,the pink looked ok. After attaching it to the tunic, it looks a bit dull.I  am quite fond of this fabric.

The 15th week st of the stitch challenge TAST2010 by Sharon, is ladder stitch.I am not very familair with this stitch. So  to do this sampler, I started of with a open ladder stitch , to understand ,how it can be done.

the next line , the actual ladder st. then I tried grouping 2 stitches together.

ladder st samp-1

For the 4th line and changed the band width

 the 5thn line is ladder st ,curved.

ladder st samp-2

In this line ,I tried weaving 3 lines of thread into the stitch.The picture is not so good.

ladder st samp-3a

On this strip , a thick cord was inserted to the stitch,Then there was a small fight between the stitch and the cord,where the cord won,but the stitch looks very pathetic.anyway I understood the method,next time I’ll do it properly[when?]

ladder st samp 3b

 Beads were added to the windows on the stitch,

the next line I tried different stitches to the of ladder st.

ladder st samp-4


 In the last line , I tried tying the ladder st in different ways-

ladder st samp-5

I did not do many variations of this stitch, The full sampler-

ladder st sampler