I had worked this kutch work border in sleeves of a blouse, The border on the blouse-
The part of the border pattern-

border on blouse

With the request for the skeleton of this border pattern, I am writing these instructions.
I used cotton skein for the anchor stitch and pearl cotton for interlacing. This border pattern is worked continuously, meaning-the anchoring stitch and the interlacing are done without any break.


Pattern copied on cloth-

pattrern on cloth

The anchoring stitches- The starting-

kut bor1-2

Starting with the first square, cross over to the square on top, complete that square and come to square in the centre-

kut bor1-3

This square has only two stitches , one while going[as seen here] and the next one while coming back. Cross over to the square on the top again , complete it with three stitches , cross over to the square at the end.
Till now the stitch is the same, the thread goes over the previous thread, and the last thread goes under the first thread.

kut bor1-4

The next square, the thread is taken under the previous thread- and now cross over-

kut bor1-5

This square is filled the same as earlier squares-

kut bor1-6

Cross over to the middle square in the border-

kut bor1-7

Cross over to the third square on the top, complete it-

kut bor1-8

After crossing over, the stitch worked in this square is the same as [4]

kut bor1-9

Complete the square which connects these two parts, adjacent square is worked in the same way as [4,9]

kut bor1-10

Complete the anchoring stitch –

kut bor1-11

The interlacing is done with a different thread, starts at the same place where the anchoring thread is inserted. This is the continuous thread journey I meant earlier.
The interlacing-

kut bor1-12

Go around the stitches in the first square-

kut bor1-13

And turn and go around the stitch of the second square Start the weaving now-

kut bor1-14

Work the weaving and interlacing as seen below-

kut bor1-15

Follow the weaving thread-

kut bor1-16

Interlace the squares at the corners and the weaving in the centre-

kut bor1-17

The last weaving in the forward journey on this first part pattern, the top square will be interlaced while coming back-

kut bor1-18

Moving on to the central square-

kut bor1-19

After working the second part of the border, same as the first one, we reach the last square, complete it and turn around-

ku bor1-20

Weaving the thread through the inside squares reach the top square-

kut bor1-21

Interlace the top square and weave through the inner squares to reach the connecting square-

kut bor1-22

Complete the central square too, start weaving through the inner squares to reach the top square again-

kut bor1-23

Complete the pattern with the interlacing and the weaving-

kut bor1-completed 1

The completed border-

kut bor1-completed border1

Hope these instructions to stitch this kutch work border was useful. If there are any queries, leave them as comments. I’ll try and answer them.
Thank you.

4 Responses to “Kutchwork tutorial –Border-1-21-3-2012”

  1. […] have posted a kutchwork tutorial of this border pattern on this page. part of the border on blouse Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

    1. viji Says:

      Dear Chitra,
      Thanks once again for sharing this kutch border instructions. No words to say. Just a big hug.



  2. rsaifudeen Says:

    Hi Chitra, your pattern is great .Thankyou for sharing with the lovers of kutch.I hope to do something of your patterns to show you.

    1. jizee6687 Says:

      I too enjoy sharing my love of ketch work. Looking forward to see your work.

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