This weekend was a stitch free one, we drove to Dubai. I had thought of working on the way home, but eyes were too tired. The edges this week are quite interesting especially the 23rd edge. The free graphs for these edges are here.



The kutchwork border samples are skipped this week.

For some reason I was unable to post on my blog for the past two days

I have always had a fascination of Indian embroideries. This led me to buy a book-Ethnic embroidery of India by Usha Shrikant. Expensive and also very informative.
There was this kashmiri couching stitch.I had seen tunics with this embroidery,it is done in monocolour with thick thread.
Following the instructions from the book, I made some trials on a sampler.Itching to do it on a project[ what else but, a tunic?],I worked this stitch on neck and sleeves of this tunic-

Kashmiri couching on tunic-1kashmiri couching on tunic-2

First row is version of chain stitch variation[ I don’t remember which one] in dark blue
After that a row of simple couching in light blue.
The third row is one of the kashmiri couching stitches-

kashmiri couching on tunic-neck&sleeves

The embroidery was done after the tunic was sewn, the beige piece looked neglected, and invited me to try some thing there.I was cautious , just drew three lines and worked these three stitches. Actually the tunic [blue ikat weave , mercerized cotton] looked fabulous even without this embroidery.This was an opportunity to try something new.

The inspiration for this came,while looking at Wills India fashion week last year.Maybe it was a printed pattern, it was not very clear,it reminded me of old greek or roman borders on vases. Instead of using mono colour, I adapted  a pink and green combination, It looked like this-

pink and green border

The green was not technically green because, it has a line of blue in it.Sofar so good, then to enhance the effect I added some cream and gold. Now-

yoke border

I got it attached to a printed tunic with another cloth[I was very stubborn on this because, the pattern was made for this purpose] 

finished tunic

After seeing the overall effect, all I can say is I’ll  be open for changes in future.
I did not leave it at that, I custom made a patiala salwar for this, I wonder why?
One smart thing was I left this tunic set in Madras, when I went for my 25th school reunion.

This tunic is a light blue hand printed fabric. It is  a very fine cotton,ideal for summer wear. The color was perfect for jeans .but later on ,this also took the avatar of salwar top[Indian tunic].I made a  square pattern around  the mirror and repeated it as  a border design.-

Light blue cotton tunicFor the central motif, I just extended the basic pattern. the sleeve border design-sleeves of blue tunic

Just a touch of light green and very light blue for colour coordination. The tunic is done and resting in India, for the summer.