December 2010

I had these  white[a creamy white, really!]  cotton fabric and  a  blue  cotton fabric with a small zari border  .

I wanted to mix and match these two with a fully embroidered yoke.

Then, for the design-it was traditional floral pattern, with borders.

 then the final thing -the embroidery itself- for this the choice  was ‘Kantha’ work, thought it would be easy to fill with running stitches .

How wrong I was! Though the stitching was a breeze, it really  took a long time to finish this tunic,including the sleeves.

 I used light and medium shades of this turqoise blue, here and there I also used blue silk thread.

pattern outlined-

Kantha tunic- outline

This is the closeup of the embroidery-

kantha tunic-closeup

Now for the finished tunic, the blue zari border is used in sleeves and the slit over the sides-

kantha tunic-3


The other sleeve is not seen here, but it is there!

Iam so very fond of this blue colour, and tend to use this wherever possible, hope  will be content  now, having  used it fully on this white[?] tunic.

Another small piece of unnecessary information- the tailor stitched the sleeve patterns upside down, I still can’t fathom why?

I had this tunic for quite some time.

These are two different fabrics, the black woven ikat had the border , and I chose a plain red handloom fabric to go with it.

Then the fabric was stitched with  red front, woven black for the sleeves and back, and the border for front yoke and the sides.I  selected a plain black cotton for salwar[Indian pants]. the embroidery-

Small kutchwork motifs in black and cream,going around the border yoke,

 Round mirrors placed in between the motifs in variegated red thread.

 The tunic-

black & red ikat -1

 The mirrors are more visible in  this –

Black &red ikat- closeup

I particularily like this colour combination.As it is seen, the woven motifs in black  are  a mixture of grey and beige, they were  not contrasting enough [dull] so, I prefered to use cream ,to go with the effect.This is one of my favourite tunics.

copper silk tunic-1

The material for this tunic is raw silk in copper.the embroidery was quite a simple one-stem and straight stitches with sequins and beads.-

copper silk tunic closeup

Though I love the colour of this handloom fabric, I found later that the grains were going horizontally all over the tunic, and it  stood like a tent , when I wore it.

 So,Full marks for tunic pattern,but  no marks at all for the effect.Quite disappointing!