This is a very simple pattern with a few easy embroidery stitches.
The fabric is a plain handloom cotton in dark red.
The stitches used are- satin, back stitch,chain stitch and buttonhole.
The threads are anchor cotton skeins.

red tunic

The embroidery  was done on a sewn tunic.the neck design had flat base , which I used for a concentric square[is there such a term?] pattern.I should have used a more prominent lighter colour.
Then the main embroidery pattern surfaced, this also helped in making a fan pattern instead of the usual semicircle pattern, which we is commonly seen.

red tunic closeup-1

red tunic closeup-2

The embroidery did not take much time at all, changing the colour of the threads did.
Thinking over, this was a satisfying piece.,though the pictures aren’t so good.