I am two days late in posting the works in progress. It is hard to remember the days in Chennai. After completing the Q stitch on SSS challenge, a project on silk blouse was done during this week. This blouse fabric had a wide gold border. My neighbour wanted some simple embroidery with stones and beads. Started the embroidery work with chain stitch in green silk thread.
Another chain stitch row with gold thread.
The saree is also the same peach silk with gold border. We could get dark red stone, the medium red stones did not match well with the richness of the silk fabric. Therefore chain stitches in red silk thread was worked on the semi circles created by green chain stitch row. The dark red stones were to be stitched here. I was hoping to subdue the colour of the stone to match with the fabric.
A small motif in gold was scattered here and there on the saree. I tried work a motif in gold thread and beads. After working the red stones and gold beads.
My friend who was sewing this blouse for her sister, wanted white stones on this project. I started with the white stones hoping it would go well with the beads, red stones and embroidery.
Embroidery completed on both the sleeves of this peach silk blouse.
WIPW128-peach blouse
Another blouse is also there which needs to be embroidered.
Before starting the work on this blouse, I want to work whipped spoke stitch sampler for TAST challenge.

This past week was very hectic with embroidery on two saree blouses. A black work design was chosen for the second blouse in peach silk. After working on the black work pattern. Certain elements were worked in metallic thread similar to Aari work. Gold beads were added as embellishments.
A few more colour threads were used on black silk blouse. Totally there are 8 colours on the black blouse. The peach silk was completed yesterday. The black blouse was completed today.
We are leaving for India for a week. Our friend’s daughter is getting married. My mother is not feeling well.
This year Oman is celebrating its 45th national day. Starting from 18th this whole week will be a festival. If time permits, blogging on earlier worked tunics may be done.

I have started embroidering on black silk blouse. These blouse projects are for a friend. I can share some of the details, the design which are for the sleeves is a simple geometric filling. Cotton skeins are used throughout the work. The fabric being delicate silk, it is not possible to use hoop. For an earlier project, the hoop was used on crepe silk fabric, the fabric yarn was giving away at some places, which was realized at a later stage. So, maintaining the thread tension is the most difficult part in this project.

Randje per week 2015

This project was not touched from Saturday when the new edges were posted on the site. The free graph is available here.


The blue tunic with ethnic embroidery is also kept on hold for the time being.

The kutchwork borders also waiting in the queue. Yesterday was Diwali festival. The routine is to prepare various sweets and savoury snacks and share them with friends. The past three evenings were for Diwali routine. Blogging did not feature at all. Searching for the appropriate design for the second blouse is continuing.

While I worked on this blouse,I thought I’ll do something in lagartera embroidery for myself, I haven’t done so far.
After working the squares on the motif with satin stitch in orange thread[ the picture I had not taken] , I started with yellow thread. In this thread the bottom border pattern was worked in back stitch, and then the whole embroidery was outlined with the same yellow thread .I had initially ,tried with a deep yellow, which did not go well with the other colours and the fabric, so I changed to this shade of yellow.
The completed border-

lagartera blouse-3

The closeup-

lagartera blouse-closeup

The top part of the border-

border pattern top lagarterathe motif-lagartera motif

The border with curved pattern-

lagartera border

The embroidery is fully completed, I have given it back to the lady. I enjoyed working on it. Hoping to do a similar one in the future.

The motif-

I am fond of of kashmiri embroidery done in single strand.
Inthis type of embroidery,After working on the traced pattern,the empty spaces in between are also covered with straight , fly stitches .
The finished embroidery looks as if it is done on appliquéd cloth.But also looks like it is part of the base fabric[like jamevar shawls etc]
Coming back to my inspiration, I tried doing this on blouse[saree] sleeves.
I did the whole thing in single strand, used the same stitches, but failed to fill the empty spaces[I understood that later, after seeing many samples. HEE!HEE!]
Now I have with me a blouse which is embroidered with some motifs!
I call it Kashmiri embroidery for a simple reason-it inspired me!
This blouse was for a cream printed silk saree.
The coffee brown blouse material is silk cotton.

motifs on brown blouse

brown blouse close up

it sure took a long time to complete this , I aged doing this.

We need to understand the importance of our health and well being. And we should take the informations which we stumble upon in our life time– learn, understand,adapt, practice,and make it our own.
A few years ago, I met a woman, Hasreen in Salallah. This lady taught some basic things about our health[exercises and diet], which proved to be very useful.
To this day , these theories are working so well.
I wanted to gift[guru dakshina] her something special, so I embroidered a blouse with kantha work for her.
The picture taken is not of high quality, all that I have is the memory of doing it.
The blouse was to be worn with a saree.
Front neckline is partially covered , generally back neck is embellished. Here also I followed the same idea.
The pattern was designed for kantha embroidery[Indian embroidery from Bengal].
The colours- green and shades of pink.
The neckline-

pink kanthawork blouse-neckline

I made a paisley pattern for the sleeves, and border pattern on the neckline is done along with it.

pink kanthawork-sleeves


The picture was taken with a simple camera, I just wanted to share the idea here.

The embroidery in this blouse was done five years ago.

When I had seen someone wearing a tunic in this colour, it inspired me. And I always wanted to do some big flowers in long&short stitch. With this vivid combination the embroidery was done in blouse front and the sleeves.
The fabric is synthetic chiffon. The embroidery is done in silk cotton fabric of same colour.
the stitches are done in long and short, stem stitch and buttonhole with three strands of cotton skein.
The pattern is a floral pattern repeat.
The blouse-

red flowers on yellow tunic

The close up of the embroidery-

yellow tunic -close up

Realities-the combination is tooo bright! so I can’t wear it in sunlight.

the bouse dose not fit that well,[Actually I don’t fit into it all that well !]

My yearning for doing a big florals in long&short stitch  [ofcourse,which I can wear] is still there.

This is a  kurthi[short top,blouse] ,which I had bought for a specific purpose.

After that, this was sitting plainly staring at me wanting to be embellished.

 I wanted something simple and elegant ,and chose a small motif.This picture is the work in progress-

Violet blouse-wip

The colour looks different from violet, because of the dark pink streaks.This is handloom cotton.

I  added some stick on stones around the embroidery-

violet blouse

 This motif comes just below the neckline.

To help the people who are part of the  post a day [week]challenge,  wordpress is suggesting topics to write about-

 today’s topic- why did I write a blog?

While browsing the net ,I was inspired by the blogs.[didn’t know I can also do one]

Then,Sharon was already  in the third year of her needlework challenges, I wanted to join stitch explorer challenge, realised I ‘ll require a blog to write about my work.

I went on from there.

Still I am using this  blog to write about my journey in embroidery. Iam still unfamiliar with photo editing, so keep putting off my tutorial ventures,Once Iam comfortable with the basics[photo editing] I can write tutorials and post few of my own patterns in  that  particular form of embroidery, to make it more interesting.

This one is a double colour[violet & medium pink] cotton readymade top.

I had to wear a saree for a religious function  at my brothers place. It was just before my nephew’s wedding. I had cracked my right pinkie, so my right hand was plastered and slinged.Blouse for the saree is generally fitted to our body, with this huge[not very huge] plaster, I couldn’t put the sleeve through my right arm, my friend suggested I should buy a short top, and wear it for the occasion, which I did.

Now plaster gone, sling gone, Iam having  a very plain short top.I did a small motif with stones, I enlarged the original design now I don’t remember from where] for this-


violet top

 My hubby dear is not too very fond of this very short, loose[XXL]top. It looks like a tent when when I wear it.It fulfilled its need as a blouse,now it is just one more project, maybe It had something to do with the colour I suppose,This top scares him so much,whenever he remembers it ,I have to promise,  not wear it or anything like it!