I worked this mirror for a cotton ikat tunic.The tunic by itself was quite bright, did not require any embellishment. I had seen this type of mirrorwork on gujarathi and rajasthani  blouses, yokes and wall hangings. Ethnic people who do hand embroidery in these  states wear these kind of blouses, they even decorate the walls of their huts with these wallhangings.

 The mirrors are placed in set ,of  from three to eight  in numbers. With three mirrors the pattern is a triangle,with four mirrors we get a square  pattern, more than five mirrors becomes floral patterns The mirrors are  fixed in single or more dark eyecatching colours. the outline is done in white colour thread.the space within the pattern is filled with stitches.

The yoke in this tunic , is  a narrow one, floral pattern is made  with eight mirrors  as petals,and a mirror in the centre.the picture is not very clear , because it was taken  with an earlier [young] camera-

mirror work on ikat tunic

The mirrors are fixed with chain stitch whipped on the inside, the outline is ofcourse chain stitch[I used 3 strands throughout]

The centre space is filled with buttonhole stitch. the closeup-

mirror work on ikat tunic-closeup

This work in its aunthetic form is  looks bright and beautiful, with all the primary colours.