April 2010

After the diamond stitch , this stitch was quite easy.Initially,the loop tension,thread twisting were all playing their part.after 3 or 4 rows I got the hang of it.For this stitch sampler , I used varigated thread, similar to perle cotton,but made locally[India].This range gives me freedom to use many colours.The anchor perle cotton  is not available in Oman.Now for the sampler,The rows were done in matti cloth[ Bombay deing] –

Knotted loop st det1

All the rows.I also did a row of trees just as fly stitch.-

Knotted loop st det 2

 Sampler of motifs-

Knotted loop st motif det1

This time , wanted to add beads  to a row for seeing  their effect on this stitch, But chose a wrong colour -dark red.Not eye catching perhaps,But I was ready to wrap up this sampler. –

Knotted loop st det beads

 For the motifs it was just gold beads-

Knotted loop st det motif beads

Though I have not tried this stitch before, I liked working on it.After coming from  India, had to catch up with first 4 stitches of the challenge, so that is seen on my samplers.

I have finished diamond stitch at last! This stitch was proving very tricky,even after understanding the stitch journey, it still enede up having a lopsided look.So I have decided to name my first stitch of this challenge as Droopy diamond stitch. Now for the show-

1. Diamond st

For want of better ideas, this challenge also is done as four inch line sampler.I have used perle cotton in two colours.

1. Diamond stitch sampler

For this tast2 challenge,I’ll also try using beads and sequins to make it more attractive[?] This is just to hide the fact that my sampler looks like a doodles of a child.