10bI can’t beleieve I have not been posting for  more than a month,

Ineed to be more organised, The completed stitches of this challenge-6

I am working on some small projects at the moment .they  are all  gifts for the family.some cross stitched towel edgings,and a few embroidered lingerie pouchs.

7I have finished the first twelve stitches of this challenge.



The next one-


There so many french knots to do, since I am not using beads-


I have not started the next set of stitches yet-


I ‘ll tell about my projects on the next post

The fourth stitch of this stitch challenge-4

The fabric doesn’t look like green at all.I am trying out new colour combinations This could end as a colour sampler too.I enjoy doing these challenges more than I thought I would,but lack of  proper organising is very frustrating .

I want to do some personalised gifts for my new niece-in law.Iam browsing the books and internet for ideas. I want them to be practical too.Iam still unable to decide on the projects.I found so many bead projects,ornaments,paper techniques. Innumerable eye candy available, Iam totally amazed and humbled by the projects done by these people.

Sharon has again provided so many blogs in the letter’B’. I had such a good time browsing them,I find it a enjoyable past time to see the projects of others.Iam also working on a tunic, which I feel is taking  too much of time, sometimes it happens like that, I”l be happy to finish this yoke.Because of this, there seems to be a’design block’ -if I can call it that.

This is the third stitch of this challenge.

The fabric is the same light green cloth, the picture  taken shows a different shade.

At present I am designing a green tunic, where I make use of some seam treatments.The most tedious part is the designing, I feel.Requires total concentration, the basic idea of how the finished project will look-should be imagined i this stage itself. I also finished a towel edge for my nephew with his name, picture of which I ‘ll post after  it is given to him.I chose the fonts from the antique Ebooks from the net.I love designing names for a reason- I have a very lousy handwriting! I can compensate for that in this way.Embroidered name looks better than than the written one.3

 This is the second stitch on this challenge.Shawkl had given two versions of each stitch -with and without beads. I have stitched  without beads.These decorative seam treatments serve different purposes- they look good,can be used for decorative purposes[crazy quilting]  ,helps in coordinating colours,explore different stitch combinations and useful as a sampler too.


When I initially started learning embroidery, I found a way for remembering the stitches- I ‘ll pick one stitch , and choose a pattern appropriate for that and work the whole project in that stitch. this helped me to master each and every stitch I chose.I don’t do that any more, I usually mix and match various stitches together. I am able to use only a few stitches at a  time.Some times I also work on particular type of Embroidery- Kanthawork, kutchwork, mirror work, assissi, cross stitch,beadwork.

 Working on these decorative stitches is a new learning experiance. I also wanted to do 100 details in 100 days. first I ‘ll start with the TDSITM and may move on to this one. Sharon is currently posting information on her band samplers- Iam interested in that also.It seems work ing between my projects, and challenges ,learning new methods  of embroidery moves back on my line of priorities.Either I have to organise myself more or Iam doing too many things at once. Time will tell.

This month’s stitch explorer is casalguidi embroidery. I have never tried this before.I am happy to try any  new form of embroidery, but the difficult part is getting  the idea for using the embroidery on a project.Without the idea it is hard for me to learn, but without mastering , I can’t have any I  still haven’t started on this casalguidi.Iam yet to start on the trellis stitch too.

 I found this new stitch challenge in the blog-– Twelve dozen stitches in twelve months. It is very interesting.I’ll see if I can join the challenge. I have  started on the stitches, but I need to try harder to keep up with the challenge.This is the sample I made of the first stitch, I am not using  any beads.


The fabric I am working on is a handloom cotton from south India. Iam just using the  threads from other projects.So choosing the colour combination, will also be interesting.I can mixmatch as I feel like.

 Iam also working on other projects,Iam designing, embroidering on tunics .selecting monogrammes to customise hand towels,browsing the net for ideas for small ornaments and their finishing techniques- I realise I have to go a lllloooooonnnnnng way. I should be more regular on my posts.

I am sorry I have been very lazy in writing the tutorials of- kutchwork, phulkari.With so many UFOs – give me some more time, I ‘ll get on them.