This yoke on tunic is also an old one done over ten years ago.I  had a beige salwar set with antique violet dupatta[long scarf] , both being handloom cotton. The tunic had vertical green  lines all over, and the dupatta was checked pattern in light green. I did not have the correct shade of antique violet, so  the embroidery was done in 2 strands of each  colour[ maroon&violet] somehow they matched.A net cloth was attached to the front and the whole cross stitch was done on both fabrics, after the embroidery was completed,  the net was removed . the yoke-

cross stitch yoke on biege tunic

This cross stitch pattern was designed by me.[scarce availability of good  geomatrical  cross stitch pattern books and  my inability to access the internet]

 The closeup of the pattern-

antique violet cross stitch pattern close up

The set is still there, but now Iam thinking of converting the dupatta into something else.But it will take time, I am waiting for inpiration for this .