The name of the 14th week st of the stitch challenge TAST2010 by Sharon, is quite long.  But my sampler of the st is quite small.I started  the basic herrinbone  with a thickthread[twine]

buttonhole h-bone st, -1

the fabric  is handloom cotton,striped.Made marks to make the stitch even.

buttonhole h-bone samp-1

the 2nd line, the herringbone st is of varying height.

3rd line-changed the width of the herringbone st.

But-hole h-bone samp-3

4th line -alternated 2 colours.

5th line-Added  fly sts  on the valleys .

 6th line-the whole stitch is over a line of cretan stitch.

buttonhole h-bone sampler

7th line- Added sequins and beads  on the peaks .

last line-detached chain, and straight sts are done on the valleys.

 I throughly enjoyed doing this stitch sampler.