The tunic fabric is silk chiffon.
I wanted to do the embroidery with the same blue colour. So the embroidery is not very prominent in this tunic.
Fabric used for the yoke is handloom cotton.
The threads are anchor cotton skeins, colours – light to dark blue, bluish green[189] green and white.
I chose simple heart shaped pattern .and filled it with rows of decorative stitches.
Fly st, herringbone, cretan, back, sheaf ermine st, straight goes on and on.
On the outline I stitched some blue stones too. More the better.

blue chiffon -1

In the close up it is better, atleast for me –

blue chiffon -closeup

The work is more visible for the nakedeye and not for the camera eye.
No more aspirations for same colour embroidery any more[my mother and sister in law are right! sometimes of course].
The fabric for embroidery should have had similar texture of the silk chiffon. Good lessons for future reference.