I was in India for the past four weeks. Though I was browsing SharonB’s blog for the TAST challenge, I was not participating . this was a stitch free holiday for me.
After returning back, I started with the 16th week stitch – French knots.I have not been using this stitch when I worked the other weeks stitches, thought this stitch could be part of the challenge. I can work on it during that week. At last it is here.
This is also a band sampler, I did not get many ideas with this this stitch. My experiments with this stitch-
1.these three rows I tried familiarizing with the stitch.

15.fre kn-1

2.the first row, after working the French knots, I worked chain stitches over them.
The second row, the French knots are worked with herringbone stitch.

15.fre kn-2

3. A variation of Cretan stitch with French knots.
French knots are worked around cross stitches, to form a pattern.

15.fre kn-3

4- french knots are worked with buttonhole stitch.
A row of chevron stitch, and French knots with straight stitches worked on one side.

15.fre kn-4

I tries some small motifs with French knots-
5. French knots in two colours.

15.fre kn-5

6.straight stitches , detached chain stitches and French knots.

15fre kn-6

7.another motif with straight stitches , detached chain stitches and French knots.

15.fre kn-7

8-cross stitch, fly stitch and French knots. I liked this one the best.

15.fre kn-8

9- straight stitches and French knots in circle.

15. fre kn-9

With these the variations are completed. The finished French knots sampler-

15.fre kn-sampler