mirror tuitorial-1

Thus the tunic is completed with the different treatments to the mirror worked florals.
Generally I work on symmetrical patterns, this time it was refreshing to work on this pattern.I did not have repeat everything twice, sometimes if I have sleeves to embroider, then it is a four times repeat.
The tunic along with the salwar-

yellow mirrorwork tunic set

The completed tunic-

yellow mirrorwork tunic

The border is partially seen on the sleeves. in this picture.
The treatments around the floral mirrors can be used as decorative stitches too.

This is the step by step method for attaching the mirror or shisha.


mirror project

mirror project




 Hold the mirror with your thumb of your non-sewing hand.

We are going to cross over the mirror 4 times to secure it.

The space which we get in the middle,where all the lines cross  becomes the inner ring.

The outer ring is the circumference of the mirror.


diagram -1

diagram -1 1.Bring up the needle and thread at point1Cross to the opposite side,over the mirror and insert the needle at 2-----1st linediagram -2




.2.Bring the needle at 3 and just cross over to the opposite side and insert the needle at 4-2nd line

diagram -3

diagram -3


3.Bring the needle up at the side at 5 ,go over and under the  2nd line at ‘A’.

The thread is now twisted once at ‘A’. Remember to bring the needle outside,

Otherwise even when the mirror is held, thread has the tendency to move over

 to the corner ,and the mirror becomes loose.

Now move the needle over and under at ‘B’ ,now the thread is twisted inside.

Insert the needle at 6-3rd line




4.Bring the needle up at 7, go over and under at ‘C’[with needle outside].Again cross over and under at’D’[with needle inside] and insert the needle at 8-4th line




sample-2Bring the needle very near 8 .Now there is a inner ring and the outer ring. Mirror is secured.diagram-5 sample-3

5. Insert the needle into the inner circle[eg-cretan st

diagram -6

diagram -66.Make small st on the cloth near 8sample-4

Keep repeating this till mirror is fully covered







 Mirror is now completed 

 The wrong side



sample-square This is a square mirror.sample-diamond

Diamond shaped mirror can be secured like this.

Notes- I have used Anchor stranded cotton-3 strands for this medium size mirror.

For big mirrors use 4 strands.

For small mirrors use 2 strands, otherwise this stitch will completely obscure the mirror .

If the inner circle gets bigger[when the tension of the thread is more], after  completing the stitch,the inner circle can be whipped and tightened.

Generally mirrors are heavy, so use cloth of medium thickness.

While learning and practicing ,keep the length of the thread sufficient to complete a mirror.Round mirrors have the tendency to slip away,when it is not held comfortably ..


I hope this tuitorial  will help people to embellish their embroidery with mirrors.

I enjoyed doing this,

Please leave your comments and suggestions to improve  the content of this tuitorial.