towel edging

A lovely name for detached  triple chain stitch. The method of working this stitch is on Queenie’s blog. Working this way gives more dimension to an ordinary detached chain stitch. So I worked the stitch on satin cloth, pattern taken from old pattern book.
The flower in two shades of blue with four strands of cotton skein.
SSS.44. milfleur-1
The stems are worked in outline stitch.
The leaves are again  worked with mille fleur stitch.
Added small pearl beads inside the flowers.
This project was completed just before the tailor left for vacation. The worked satin fabric was sewn on the towel by him.
SSS.44.mille fleur stitch
The old patterns which have detached chain options can be used for this stitch. Another option  is using this stitch with ribbon embroidery. A pretty and easy stitch for textural embroidery.


This is last one in this series.The pattern is as usual from Antique pattern library.

I fell in love with this pattern.If done in primary or bright colours, it’ll look awesome. mexican , kilim patterns look this way too.I wish someone will get inspired and do a cushion or bookmark or needlebook cover with this pattern. the towel-

kilim towel edging

I outlined this pattern with black thread.

kilim towel edging-closeup


Pattern sure looks like some green and pink people showing of their muscles!.My nephew became quite fond of this towel,by the way.thus,  I have completed this whole set.Next I’ll look for some cream or off white[or half white] to do this . And definitely a smaller lace border. This is bigger than the towel itself. So  what? I learnt  the same lesson four times!

This the third towel edging in this set. The pattern source is the same.I satisfied with using  2 colours[as if I had many choices with this PINK background]. I used one of the borders in cross stitch.The patterns are in black and white, which is easier to work with.the third towel-

Floral towel edging-3

I just used the border pattern and its inverse. the closeup-

Floral towel edging-3 closeup

Just one more to go.

The begining  for this cross stitch on the towel is the same one. the patterns were also from the same source.Now for the second towel-

Floral towel edging-2

The closeup of this pattern-

flral towel edging-2 closeup

I liked this pattern, will work good for bookmarks also.

Still staying motivated by the postaweek challenge.

In 2009, I worked four towel edgings in cross stitch.

 Isaw a towel,edged with evenweave cloth, this  idea inspired me to buy a towel cloth and  an evenweave[rectangular or matti] cloth from Bombay deing store in  Chennai.

 Then I asked the tailor to attach  these two fabrics and edge it with lace. He was able to make four towels.

The patterns for these towels I took from Antique pattern library.

the first one-

towel edge-1 WIP


Yes, They are all pink towels, I was trying to hide the fact  till now!

The finished towel-

towel edge-1

I’ll continue with my towel edging story.

After joining the post a week challenge, Iam motivated to write more posts.

As custom in our marriages, when the bride enters the new family, she is given personalgifts  saree,cosmetics,accessories, dolls etc

It is similar to bridal shower-except in this all family members are present, It is on the wedding day.traditional games are played between the bride and groom, and everyone present totally enjoy.

Generally our marriages are arranged, so this adds more merry to the occasion. this is called “vilayadal”- meaning playing games.

 I took this oppurtunity to embroider some personal gifts-

These are personalised towels for the couple –

pink towel- gayathri

pink towel- gayathri

I chose the monogram from e-book on the antique pattern library, for the motifs at the end I used metallic thread.

blue towel deepak

blue towel deepak

Being as usual lazy, I let the tailor sew the monograms to the towels.And for some reason he sew the lace above the band instead on the edge, I didn’t want to spoil it by unpicking the stitch, I left it as it is.

Today I visited shailaja sharma’s blog- where she has posted a simple variation of fly stitch-anklet stitch .The stitch is easy, I’ll have to think ways of experimenting with  this stitch.

I have started  edging for 2 towels, the designs are my own,I thought I ll try cross stitch. the pink one is a geometrical flower-t-e-2-a1

The finished  towel, I cheated , I got the tailor to attach it for me-a1-towl-edg-2

For this edging I drew the design, and changed it into graph for cross stitch, back stitch outlining is also added.

t-e-1-d t-e-1-c

After finishing the embroidery ,I was anxious to see the full effect, but was also scared of sewing, so I used the shortcut method this time.Iam insisting to myself not to repeat it again.


This is  my first new year  project. I have too many UFO s.Some cross stitch kits, long stitch kits, crocheted  and tatted doilies,usual embroidery on tunics- the list seems to go on and on and on.