Sometimes my husband allows me to try embroidery on his shirts. This is one such occasion.This is a store bought shirt in blue.
I chose a simple border repeat pattern for this.
The whole stitching is done in mono colour in back stitch.And further to personalize this shirt,I embroidered a”G”[rather lopsided] over the pocket.

Embroidered blue shirt

Maybe I am a little fond of Roman[ or is it greek?] patterns.

This is closeup of the embroidery.

Embroidered blue shirt- closeup

This handloom cotton fabric is in light pink mixed with beige.
I wanted to do a medium sized motif repeat pattern for a yoke,for quite sometime.
For this set, the salwar[Indian pants] is block printed cotton in dark pink.
The basic pattern is in oval shape, which is repeated all over the yoke.
The colours used were pink& green, apt for creepers,flowers& leaves.
This picture was taken,while I was still working the embroidery-

Pink&green yoke-working

After finishing the embroidery, I added a few zardosi beads at the tips,

Pink & green yoke

Now, the finished yoke with the salwar.

Pink &beige tunic

Though the basic pattern is not very big, by repeating it,we can have a big embroidered yoke.A few years back, I had a store bought tunic, embroidered[machine] with this type of yoke, This tunic is inspired by that.

This is a  kurthi[short top,blouse] ,which I had bought for a specific purpose.

After that, this was sitting plainly staring at me wanting to be embellished.

 I wanted something simple and elegant ,and chose a small motif.This picture is the work in progress-

Violet blouse-wip

The colour looks different from violet, because of the dark pink streaks.This is handloom cotton.

I  added some stick on stones around the embroidery-

violet blouse

 This motif comes just below the neckline.

To help the people who are part of the  post a day [week]challenge,  wordpress is suggesting topics to write about-

 today’s topic- why did I write a blog?

While browsing the net ,I was inspired by the blogs.[didn’t know I can also do one]

Then,Sharon was already  in the third year of her needlework challenges, I wanted to join stitch explorer challenge, realised I ‘ll require a blog to write about my work.

I went on from there.

Still I am using this  blog to write about my journey in embroidery. Iam still unfamiliar with photo editing, so keep putting off my tutorial ventures,Once Iam comfortable with the basics[photo editing] I can write tutorials and post few of my own patterns in  that  particular form of embroidery, to make it more interesting.

This is last one in this series.The pattern is as usual from Antique pattern library.

I fell in love with this pattern.If done in primary or bright colours, it’ll look awesome. mexican , kilim patterns look this way too.I wish someone will get inspired and do a cushion or bookmark or needlebook cover with this pattern. the towel-

kilim towel edging

I outlined this pattern with black thread.

kilim towel edging-closeup


Pattern sure looks like some green and pink people showing of their muscles!.My nephew became quite fond of this towel,by the way.thus,  I have completed this whole set.Next I’ll look for some cream or off white[or half white] to do this . And definitely a smaller lace border. This is bigger than the towel itself. So  what? I learnt  the same lesson four times!

This the third towel edging in this set. The pattern source is the same.I satisfied with using  2 colours[as if I had many choices with this PINK background]. I used one of the borders in cross stitch.The patterns are in black and white, which is easier to work with.the third towel-

Floral towel edging-3

I just used the border pattern and its inverse. the closeup-

Floral towel edging-3 closeup

Just one more to go.

The begining  for this cross stitch on the towel is the same one. the patterns were also from the same source.Now for the second towel-

Floral towel edging-2

The closeup of this pattern-

flral towel edging-2 closeup

I liked this pattern, will work good for bookmarks also.

Still staying motivated by the postaweek challenge.

In 2009, I worked four towel edgings in cross stitch.

 Isaw a towel,edged with evenweave cloth, this  idea inspired me to buy a towel cloth and  an evenweave[rectangular or matti] cloth from Bombay deing store in  Chennai.

 Then I asked the tailor to attach  these two fabrics and edge it with lace. He was able to make four towels.

The patterns for these towels I took from Antique pattern library.

the first one-

towel edge-1 WIP


Yes, They are all pink towels, I was trying to hide the fact  till now!

The finished towel-

towel edge-1

I’ll continue with my towel edging story.

After joining the post a week challenge, Iam motivated to write more posts.