12th week stitch of the TAST2010 challenge by Sharon is sorbello stitch.Though I had saved samples by Sharon,I forgot to check them out before trying this stitch.This is a simple stitch,now with the sampler-

sorbello st samper-1

2nd line-The width of thebottom of the every alternative st is widened.

3rd line-In this I altered between- wide and narrow stitch

4th line-large and small variation of the stitch.

5th line-I tried alternatively widening and narrowing the top and bottom part of the stitch-[sometimes I also  forgot what I was doing]

6th line-simply changed the colours.

7th line-this variation is more clearer in Sharon’s sampler.

sorbello st sampler-28th line- added some beads, could have used some contrasting colour. last line-With fly stitch variations.the full sampler-Sorbello st sampler