31.algerian eye stitch

The 25th week’s edges are very interesting to work. The main thread I have chosen for working on the edges these past weeks is variegated and is not giving enough contrast to the fabric colour. But this 49th edge brings out the full impact of the thread colours.



This edge looks very unique and beautiful with the use of two threads. The idea of using the colours together in sequence on these Algerian eyelet stitches was very exciting and I love this edge.



The free graph for these edges are here.

There is a variation on this week’s edges. The second edge is worked in Algerian eye stitch. The free graph for these edges are here.



When working this Algerian eye stitch, I remembered about kasuti embroidery. This embroidery which is worked mainly in double running stitch, is from Karnataka, India. There are many aspects, regarding the origin, region, types, stitches, names, uses of this embroidery.

This particular stitch is worked as a design in double running stitch, which results in the right and the reverse side of the embroidery being the same. I tried working this edge with this idea in mind. So, the wrong side of this edge which looks like a mirror image of the original one excluding the knots, of course! That problem has to be tackled when working on kasuti embroidery. it was quite interesting to work this edge.

rpw2015-42 reverse

rpw2015-42 reverse

I have come to India . With all the travelling and visiting, this week’s sampler is not growing much. A few samples done so far.


Some additions made later


This week’s stitch of the TAST 2012 challenge by SharonB is Algerian eye stitch. I had worked some samples of this stitch during the previous stitch challenge. I did not post the sampler on the net at that time, the earlier sampler-

31.algerian eye st-sampler1

Since, the stitch is simply straight stitches worked in different ways, I am not detailing the samples. I worked these samples on canvas.