After coming from Chennai, I was totally engrossed with writing the kutchwork tutorial.
What I did not expect was- the pictures of my working would be completely hidden from view.
I don’t know what to do. In future I can post pictures separated by some sentences.
But this time the pictures are too many, that I cannot go edit them too. But this tutorial is already available on the net. I ‘ll just take care from the next tutorial. Another excuse for my laziness.I was quite disappointed after two hours of posting.
That said, I’ll get along with my usual tunic posts.
I took some pictures of the old tunics , which are kept in Chennai.
This is one of them.
The tunic is light green mangalagiri cotton with stripes.the salwar[ Indian pants] are in dark orange[ nearly copper]. We generally refer to this colour as copper.
The yoke is inspired by a fashion magazine picture. I designed the embroidery pattern, based on traditional Indian design
The main embroidery stitch was chain stitch over cross stitch, it is worked on outlines and border.
The other stitches used are- satin st, stem st, chain st and straight st.
The close up-

light green7 copper tunic closeup

Full yoke-

light green& copper tunic-yoke

I have worn this tunic many times,thought it does n’t catch the eye immediatly,it does has a silent appeal of its own.