blue tunic with pink yoke

The completed blue tunic with the pink yoke, with the inspiration of the tailor ofcourse.
I did not give this design . I wanted him to sew a1 inch piece on the sleeves, and an 1 inch piece around the yoke. The neck was never mentioned at all. He followed his idea of design and did this –

bluepink tunic-1

He also said that the embroidery was’ really good’. LOL!



Posting the progress on my embroidery on this pink tunic has made this tunic story very long.
The completed yoke when placed on the tunic along with the brocade material –

bluepinkyoke-on tunic

What I hadn’t anticipated was for the tailor to be so inspired by the brocade material, that he played with the design of the tunic .wait for my next post.

After completing the embroidery on this pink yoke, I started with the beads and stones in blue.
The light blue colour stones a stitched to the interior petals of the big florals.
The seed beads are used both for the small flrals and the outer petals of the big florals.
The fully completed yoke-‘

The tunic on next post.

The pink yoke so far-
The outer petals of the flowers are done in same shade of blue as the inner petals.
Then the same are outlined in blue silk thread . Chain stitches are used throughout these lines.


The yoke is ready for beads now

The pink yoke progress-
I wanted to use seed beads for this pattern, with this idea in mind, the flowers are ready for placement of the beads. The fly stitches and straight stitches on the florals can be used later for stitching the beads. They are done in light blue colour.


Progress on the pink yoke-
At last the I have started embroidering with the blue colour of the tunic.
The inner petals are done in chain stitches.


The embroidery on this pink yoke for the blue tunic is progressed this far-
The inside of the calyx are done in darker shade of green.
The central part of the flowers are done in dark blue. The stitches used is chain stitch.
The stems are also worked in the same dark green in stem stitches.


In this stage of the embroidery on pink yoke with a floral pattern, the calyx are completed.
The thread is another shade of green, the stitches are chain. the leaves are also lined in stem stitches in this picture.


The second stage in this pink yoke for the blue tunic-
The bud and the centre of the flowers are done in violet thread.
The stitches used are straight and satin stitches.


I have tried taking pictures of the yoke in different stages of embroidery.
In this picture the leaves are done in green thread, the stitches used are button hole st,and leaf stitch.

bluepink yoke-1

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