December 2008

I liked working on this stitch. I have known the method of working these stitches, but never actually worked so far.Working on the TAST samplers is quite fasinating. While looking at the stitches and their variations makes me wonder , where to use these stitches, each and every stitch as a  uniqueness. I  had this idea of doing stitch samplers for many years, but always kept postponing it-maybe I couln’t imagine any use. but after I started them, I find that-

1.I can try my own colour combinations.

2.The variations are quite a challenge

3.Iam able to master these stitches

4.They are better than a sampler book.

5.I can explain by showing them.

6.G ives me   satisfaction.

7. Gets me new friends

 I love working on this  TAST challenge.

 This time I used pearl cotton to weave and whip the wheels. Easier for me, definitely the effect is better than cotton skeins.tast018

I wanted to try the half circle.tast019

I was trying for a flower, but looks like a spider.tast020

 Tried  as a line stitch.

This year I did a few experiments with beads.I am still quite excited to add beads to my embroidery, it has opened a new door , full of possibilities. I got the idea of  adding beads from browsing the net.I drooled over all the crazy quilts, I didn’t know how and where  to start  with the beads. This yoke is my maiden effort. The tunic is dark red block printed georgette from India. The yoke I did in yellow[ mustard] and green. For the centre, I chose a geometrical design, and a wavy pattern for the outline. The tunic in it’s full glory-5a


 The white colour thread is not so good

Merry Christmas to all,

This is most easiest stitch of all.I thought I ‘ll use some darning stitches to complete this sampler. I worked on a larger even weave ,so the stitches are bigger , the darning stitch idea is totally lost on it. I should say in this challenge, I keep learning so many things. But it  is more of what not to do  than what to do.Green is the main colour, [should have used darker shades].I also thought of doing the ‘kantha ‘ embroidery[ running stitch embroidery], but decided to do it later as a seperate sampler[ when I’ll get to it, is the big question]. So with the limited variations, my running stitch sampler-running-st-1



palistrina-st-2I have been evading this stitch for a long time, I  thought I can’t do justice to this beautiful stitch.I first learnt this stitch in school along with mirror[shisha] work, when I was not interested in embroidery, but I had to get marks. I managed to do it, mirror work was piece of cake, I can’t say the same about  this stitch[ I didn’t know the name] . I felt everyother girl’s work  was more appealing. Over the period of time, I conveniently managed  to forget the working of this stitch, I purposely ignored this stitch .

But now,palistrina-st-6

Palistrina stitch [double knot]was not so easy in the beginning.The irregular twisting of the thread as also a problem.Then slowly, I made progress, I used more strands,kept untwisting the threads after every few stitches. Now the stitch was uniform and it also resembled a knot.palistrina-st-5

I used fall colours, I have a fascination for them, but the effect was not so great in this sampler. I was able to do morethan 10 variations[ my own challenge].palistrina-st1

dubai-dec-2008082dubai-dec-2008080These  past few I got hooked on browsing different types of embroideries.My mind is filled with so many ideas,I do have to work much more than Iam doing now. I wish I had started on this road much earlier,though Ihave been embroidering for the past 24 years, it was not a continous hobby.I worked ,whenever I felt like it.I was also thinking, it was just a passing fancy, I might loose interest  after a few years. But the desire woudn’t go away. So in 2005 I concluded I’ll see what all I can possibly do with my interests.I focused on designing, implementing, using, my ideas into my hobby based projects. Initially it has started with designing tunics.Since august 2008, I thought I’ll broeden my horizons. I joined stitichin fingers, I started bloging, I joined stitch challenge and my personal stitch challenges also keep changing according to my learning new things everyday.Though I have not made much of a progress, Iam happy being part of this.It keeps me alert, helps me  on personal and emotional level,gives me fulfillment,gives me support, hope it’ll make me a better person too.

We were on a visit to Dubai. The shopping malls there were quite amazing. Different architecture,country themes, styles,- I had wonderful time.We don’t get many books in Muscat,I bought 3 books in The Dubai Mall, to enable my hobbies. I bought  evenweave fabric too.Now I have more work to do.

 I am doing cross stitch border for a tunic, it is taking a lot of time. I also finished 3 TAST stitches,which I’ll post in the next few days.the picture is from Ibn batuta mall-