How lazy am I? the tast2010 is on its 37th week , and Iam posting  the stitch from 21st week.

 the stitch is quite simple,done properly looks like a tulip.Mine was everything else but Tulip.let’s see the stitch samples- chain-1

first I tried the stitch, used different colours and angles to form a line,with  cretan stitch, and inside 2 lines of arrowhead stitch.

slip de chain-2

I tried to do geometrical [triangle?square?diamond?] shaped motifs with this stitch. One important thing is that- our focus should be on the idea behind this sampler rather than the sampler itself!

slip de chain-3

Now the stitch is  in a line,then they are facing away from each other,arranging themselves inside feather stitch,falling in a line of  laced buttonhole.later 2 times falling in line[ this could be used  as  filling stitch also].

slip de chain-4

The stitch and its inverse in a row with a straight stitch thrown in between.the stitch on top of fan shaped buttonhole stitch, in between buttonhole wheel stitch,Thought this stitch looked like a fish, made  them swim on 6 rows of running stitch[ this can also be filling stitch]

slip de chain-5

The stitch done inbetween cross stitches,then some individual variations of the stitch, used twisted chain stitch and arranged some beads.

slip de chain-6

These two motifs I can wholly agreed to have copied the ideas of fellow members of the TAST 2010 challenge from flickr.

 the samplers now-

slip de chain st sampler -1

slip de chain st sampler-2

slip de chain st sampler

 I enjoyed doing this stitch, though I couldn’t stick to my 4 inch  sampler, trying more variations kept me on the track.