I liked working on this stitch. I have known the method of working these stitches, but never actually worked so far.Working on the TAST samplers is quite fasinating. While looking at the stitches and their variations makes me wonder , where to use these stitches, each and every stitch as a  uniqueness. I  had this idea of doing stitch samplers for many years, but always kept postponing it-maybe I couln’t imagine any use. but after I started them, I find that-

1.I can try my own colour combinations.

2.The variations are quite a challenge

3.Iam able to master these stitches

4.They are better than a sampler book.

5.I can explain by showing them.

6.G ives me   satisfaction.

7. Gets me new friends

 I love working on this  TAST challenge.

 This time I used pearl cotton to weave and whip the wheels. Easier for me, definitely the effect is better than cotton skeins.tast018

I wanted to try the half circle.tast019

I was trying for a flower, but looks like a spider.tast020

 Tried  as a line stitch.