April 2012

For this stem stitch sampler, I worked on some floral patterns. The sampler-

15.stem stitch sampler

The details, a flower worked in violet and pink-

15.stem st-7a

I added bugle beads-

15.stem st-7b

A leaf pattern done in six colours.

15.stem st-8

Another leaf pattern detail-

15.stem st-9

Another detail with gold beads.


Leaves outlined with stem stitch filled with green bugle beads.


Eagerly waiting for the next stitch in the TAST challenge.

When the 15th week stitch of the TAST 2012 challenge was on SharonB’blog, I was on stitch -free vacation. Now that I have completed this week’s wheatear stitch, thought of working on stem stitch sampler. I don’t see many ideas regarding this stem stitch, though I have used it before on my embroideries. This led to the practicing of stem stitch on some floral designs.
Floral petals worked in three shades-


Paisley pattern in four colours.


Flower in two colours.


A design done in blue and light violet.


Shaded effect with stem stitch filling.


A flower in three colours.


Rest if the variations of the wheat ear stitch of the TAST 2012 stitch challenge by SharonB.
In this row the straight stitches are done after working the detached chain stitch. When worked individually they look very pretty. But I worked them in a row.

17.whe earst-7

The same individual wheat ear stitches are worked in opposite directions, in this row.
In the next row , instead of two straight stitches, I worked five straight stitches and worked the detached chain stitches in different colour thread.

17.whe earst-8

In the first row, the straight stitch is taken vertically on one side, and on the other side it is worked diagonally.
A row wheat ear stitches are worked over a row of detached chain stitches.

17.whe earst-9

I tried working individual wheat ear stitches diagonally to form a row.
Two rows of wheat ear stitches done with variegated thread.

17.whe earst-10

Two rows of wheat ear stitches worked facing each other.


I tried adding beads to this stitch.
In the first row, the beads are worked on to the chain stitches.
The second row, the green seed beads are added on to the straight stitches

17.whe erst-12

With this I am completing the variations of wheat ear stitch. The 1st part of the sampler-

17.wheat ear stitch sampler-1

The second part of the sampler-

17.wheat ear stitch sampler-2

The 17th week stitch of the TAST 2012 stitch challenge by SharonB is wheat ear stitch. Though the wheat ear stitch is quite simple, I had not worked this stitch before. This week after completing the satin stitch sampler, I started with this stitch sampler. I found three treatments of this stitch on books.
The straight stitches are worked diagonally.
The straight stitches are worked vertically.
For individual stitches, the straight stitches are done after working the detached chain stitch.
I tried all the three .
The first row the straight stitches are worked diagonally. The second row the stitches are worked vertically.

17.whe earst-1

In this first row, I tried alternating the angles of the straight stitches. In the next row the length of the chain stitches are varied.

17.whe earst-2

This row the length of the straight stitches are varied.

17.whe earst-3

The wheat ear stitches are worked vertically in the first part , another row of wheat ear stitches with small chain stitches are worked below them
Two rows of wheat ear stitches are worked in opposite directions.

17.whe earst-4

In this row the individual wheat ear stitches are interlinked.
In this row too, the wheat ear stitches are worked in opposite directions, but the placement of the stitches in the second part is different. I tried working some fly stitches into this row, but later gave up the idea.

17.whe earst-5

In this row individual wheat ear stitches are worked over a row of continuous wheat ear stitch.
In this row, the wheatear stitches are worked in varying sizes.

17.whe earst-6

Some more variations tomorrow.

After working a few more motifs in satin stitch I completed this stitch sampler. More designs are available on the downloaded books.
Along with the floral , the border pattern also captured my interest.

14.sat st-15

A geometrical pattern and a flower.

14.sat st-16

More florals.

14.sat st-17

This one I had left incomplete, now completed

14.sat st-18

A few more florals

14.sat st-19

The last set of designs in satin stitch.

14.sat st-20

The complete set of floral pattern done in satin stitch.

14.sat st-motifs

The satin stitch sampler done on canvas.

14.sat st-sampler

The idea of working satin stitch sampler with these antique patterns came when this stitch was part of the challenge on stitchin fingers. I did not work on it at that time. With this TAST 2012 challenge, I took the opportunity to make use of those patterns.

I started with some floral motifs worked in satin stitch today. These motifs are all from the pdf file downloaded from antique pattern library site.
These patterns were part of borders, fillers. I chose to do the motifs alone.
1st set-

14.sat st-11

The florals are worked with cone thread[available in India], thickness similar to perle cotton thread.

14.sat st-12

Straight satin stitches worked on canvas with this thread, leaves gap in between the individual stitches.

14.sat st-13

Another two florals.

14.sat st-14

I found still more satin stitch patterns on the old book, so might try some of them .

In this satin stitch sampler, today I tried some border patterns. These are worked from patterns downloaded as pdf files from antique pattern library.
Border pattern1

14.sat st-5

Satin stitch worked in a continuous pattern.

14. sat st-7

Satin stitch and cross stitch combination

14.sat st-7

satin stitch in two colours.

14.sat st-8

A combination of satin stitch and cretan stitch variation.

14.sat st-9

Border worked in satin stitch with variegated thread.

14.sat st-10

Tomorrow some motifs taken from the same old patterns .

.This satin stitch was also part of the previous TAST challenge. . I did not work on this during that time it was rerun on stitchin fingers.
When it was on sharonB’s blog, during TAST 2012 challenge I was in India, so I am starting the sampler now .The idea to work on this stitch sampler-
Satin stitches in
1.Filling patterns.
2.border patterns.
Today I tried a few filling patterns
1. Diamond shapes.

14.sat st-1

2. Zigzag pattern

14.sat st-2

3.long and short pattern.

14.sat st-3

4.Another diamond variation.

14.sat at-4

I ‘ll start with some borders tomorrow.

I was in India for the past four weeks. Though I was browsing SharonB’s blog for the TAST challenge, I was not participating . this was a stitch free holiday for me.
After returning back, I started with the 16th week stitch – French knots.I have not been using this stitch when I worked the other weeks stitches, thought this stitch could be part of the challenge. I can work on it during that week. At last it is here.
This is also a band sampler, I did not get many ideas with this this stitch. My experiments with this stitch-
1.these three rows I tried familiarizing with the stitch.

15.fre kn-1

2.the first row, after working the French knots, I worked chain stitches over them.
The second row, the French knots are worked with herringbone stitch.

15.fre kn-2

3. A variation of Cretan stitch with French knots.
French knots are worked around cross stitches, to form a pattern.

15.fre kn-3

4- french knots are worked with buttonhole stitch.
A row of chevron stitch, and French knots with straight stitches worked on one side.

15.fre kn-4

I tries some small motifs with French knots-
5. French knots in two colours.

15.fre kn-5

6.straight stitches , detached chain stitches and French knots.

15fre kn-6

7.another motif with straight stitches , detached chain stitches and French knots.

15.fre kn-7

8-cross stitch, fly stitch and French knots. I liked this one the best.

15.fre kn-8

9- straight stitches and French knots in circle.

15. fre kn-9

With these the variations are completed. The finished French knots sampler-

15.fre kn-sampler

The completed yoke with the sequin and the beads when placed over the kalamkari fabric.

bro kalam tunic-3

The sewn tunic with embroidered yoke and border-

bro kalam tunic-4

The close up of the yoke-

bro kalam tunic-5

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