palistrina-st-2I have been evading this stitch for a long time, I  thought I can’t do justice to this beautiful stitch.I first learnt this stitch in school along with mirror[shisha] work, when I was not interested in embroidery, but I had to get marks. I managed to do it, mirror work was piece of cake, I can’t say the same about  this stitch[ I didn’t know the name] . I felt everyother girl’s work  was more appealing. Over the period of time, I conveniently managed  to forget the working of this stitch, I purposely ignored this stitch .

But now,palistrina-st-6

Palistrina stitch [double knot]was not so easy in the beginning.The irregular twisting of the thread as also a problem.Then slowly, I made progress, I used more strands,kept untwisting the threads after every few stitches. Now the stitch was uniform and it also resembled a knot.palistrina-st-5

I used fall colours, I have a fascination for them, but the effect was not so great in this sampler. I was able to do morethan 10 variations[ my own challenge].palistrina-st1