blue floral tunic

The embroidery on this dark blue yoke fabric is completed .I chose the colours  keeping in mind that the outfit should match well with blue jeans. The red colour was added to enhance the yoke.
The close up of the yoke-

blue floral tunic- yoke closeup1

It is a small yoke ,another close up, I did not outline the border patterns-

blue floral tunic-closeup 2

The fully completed yoke-

blue floral tunic- yoke

The yoke when placed over the tunic fabric-

blue floral tunic- yoke on tunic

After this was completed , it was given for sewing, and it looks like this now-

blue floral tunic

I hope the ideas and details I share on my blog inspire others.

I am detailing the embroidery on the yoke of this floral tunic.
The centre part of the yoke –

blue floral tunic- WIP3

The two motifs in the centre completed with satin stitch filling , back stitch outline and straight stitches worked in white thread.

blue floral tunic -WIP4

The border pattern is also worked in satin stitches in two colours.

blue floral tunic -border

The completed yoke on my next post.


For this floral printed tunic , the yoke fabric was dark blue colour. The pattern had two motifs in the centre and border on three sides of it.
I started with red colour thread first-

blue floral tunic- WIP1

The whole embroidery was worked in satin stitches. The motif in bluish  grey-

blue floral print-WIP2

More details on my next post.

This tunic fabric is cotton printed with big florals. I bought this ,with the idea of matching it with my blue jeans. The tunic fabric-

blue floral tunic -fabric

The yoke fabric was in dark blue colour. To contrast with the florals, geometric pattern was chosen as the embroidery pattern for yoke. Embroidery was not done on the sleeves. The thread colours were part of the blue family except for one red thread.

Initially I had planned to work phulkari embroidery[surface satin stitches] but later embroidered the whole piece in satin stitches. The yoke on my next post.