The 20th week stitch of  the stitch challenge-TAST 2010 is buttonhole wheel cup.

Earlier in  this challenge, we had done raised cup st and buttonhole bullion flower st. So I am not left with many choices for variations.the stitch sampler-

 I started with making some individual variations-

Buttonhole wheel cup st-1

Added-Spider’s wheel,2 rows of buttonhole wheel, palistrina st, detached chain,fly st and quarter buttonhole wheel cup[Can I call it that?]-

Buttonhole wheel cup st-2

3 wheels touching each other,bead in the centre, beads outside the st,oval version of the stitch.After these experiments,I started arranging this stitch  in lines,

Since it took 2 journeys to complete the stitch,I made short rows.

Half buttonhole wheel, quarter wheel,variation of quarter wheel,half wheels arranged front and back.

buttonhole wheel cup-3

Here I did up and down version,tried weaving around the quarter wheel variation,then kept adding half wheels, to form a row, later made 3 cuncurrent wheels .

buttonhole wheel cup-4

Half wheels go around the stitch to form a pattern[?], My idea of using this stitch as a leaf , fell flat because, I used violet colour thread. Now for the full sampler-

buttonhole wheel cup st sampler


 Though I tried a few variations,the overall effect is not very neat

Less of – patience,or mastery over the stitch,or creative energy,or correct thread tension.

Anyone or combination of the above could be the reason.

After saying this, I ‘ll move on to the next stitch-

Slipped detached chain