The 46th week stitch of the TAST 2012 stitch challenge by SharonB is checkered chain or magic chain. Earlier in this challenge, when chain stitch was announced, I chose four types of chain stitches from the earlier TAST challenges. This stitch was one of them.
This time around , I thought of working this stitch on a design . five colour combinations were used to work this sampler. The first colour- combination was deep green and variegated green thread.



The second combination was deep green and mustard yellow thread.



This part was violet and deep pink combination-



The next combination was violet and light majenta combination.



The last combination was medium blue and majenta combination.

46.checkered chainst2-designsamplera

46.checkered chainst2-designsamplera

A different view

46.checkered chain st2-designsamplerb

46.checkered chain st2-designsamplerb

This is for anyone interested in this pattern.

46.checchain st2-pattern

46.checchain st2-pattern


This week’s open base needle woven picot of the stitch challenge by SharonB is very similar to last week’s stitch.  I thought, the variations would be very similar,So this stitch sampler was done  tomaintain the rhythm of the challenge.
Details- the samples on the left are combinations of open base needle woven picot with bullion, Cretan and buttonhole stitches.
The sample on the right are combinations with closed base needle woven picot, stem stitch and cross stitch . base needle woven picot

I was away on holiday, when this stitch was announced on the TAST 2012 stitch challenge by SharonB. I had worked this stitch sampler during the previous TAST challenge, the details are here.
This time buttonhole wheel cup stitch was worked with other TAST stitches. Before working the buttonhole wheel cup, the other stitches were worked in cotton floss.

43.buttonwheel cup2-samp1

The completed sampler-

43.buttonhole wheel cup st- sampler

The details-
1. The other stitches are detached chain , fly , herringbone, pistil, feather and cast on stitches.


2 . Basque , Algerian eye, crossed and normal buttonhole variation, in the first row. The second row has- zigzag chain, two buttonhole wheel cups with wheat ear and Italian border stitch variation with French knots. And in the third row, Italian border stitch, running stitch and knotted loop stitch.


3.In the first row, bullions are worked in the centre, buttonhole open wheel cup is the  sample in the middle  and in the third sample green beads are added around this stitch. Running stitch is worked around three buttonhole wheel cup stitches and buttonhole wheel variations are worked with stem stitch in the last sample.


This sampler was more about working of this stitch with other stitches to form different decorative arrangements. The idea was drawn on paper –


Then later incorporated with appropriate embroidery.

Still not comfortable with this difficult stitch, I worked few more samples and completed this sampler.  but Iam  still in the learning process of this stitch.

38.drizzle stitch sampler2

The details-
4. The first motif is worked with buttonhole wheel surrounded by drizzle stitches. In the next sample, whipped wheel and drizzle stitches are worked together.


5. The borders are worked in drizzle stitches, basque stitch and bonnet stitch combinations. The four individual drizzle stitches are outlined with buttonhole, stem, chain and running stitches. The next two are worked with beads.


6 the first one is drizzle stitch  with Palestrina knot, in the second sample, the drizzle stitches are worked inside fly stitches, the third sample is Pekinese stitch and drizzle stitch combination.


Though a great dimensional stitch, it is not an easy stitch to work, even after putting in lots of effort towards, casting on and repeated threading , the stitch placements were  not under my control, that really frustrated me. But I had a good practice of this stitch.

The 38th week stitch of the TAST 2012 challenge by SharonB is drizzle stitch. I had conveniently missed this stitch during the previous TAST challenge. It is a difficult stitch, both the casting on stitches and threading the needle took all my attention, that I did not care how the stitch turned out. This sampler is about drizzle stitch practice and not exploration. This stitch is worked with other stitches.

38.drizzle stitch sampler1

The details-
1. The first one is worked with upright cross stitch, the second one with Algerian eye stitch, the third one with cross stitch, the fourth one with three bullion and the last one is worked with detached chain stitches.


2. The stitch combinations in this row are- fly stitch, herringbone, Palestrina knot, feather stitch and oyster stitch.


3. In this part of the sampler, the drizzle stitches are worked with  other stitches as filling.
Cross stitches, fly stitches and French knots.


After working some borders with this needle woven picot and other stitches, the sampler was completed. The sampler-

44.needle woven picot leaf st- sampler

The details-
16. In the first row, the woven picots are worked between bonnet stitches, in the second row with cable chain stitch and in the third row with buttonhole variation.

44.neewpi st-16

17. the first row, the woven picots are with basque stitch, second row has Pekinese stitch and woven picots, the third row hedebo stitch, instead of beads, there are needle woven picots.

44.neewpi st-17

This is a wonderful stitch, though I was practicing the stitch throughout the sampler! Wish I get to use this stitch on my projects.

I tried a few motifs with needle woven picot leaf stitch and other stitches.

44.needle woven picot leaf st-sampler4

The details-
13. the motif on top is worked in the centre with five needle woven picots and outlined with oyster stitches. The motif in the left is worked with isolated knotted loop stitch and the right motif is worked with fly stitch.

44.neewpi st-13

14.The centre of the motif on the top is worked in satin stitch. The picots are worked in perle cotton and cone thread alternatively. The woven picots are worked over cretan stitch variation in the bottom motif.

44.neewpi st-14

15.the centre of the top motif is worked with crossed buttonhole and buttonhole variation, the picots are worked over the crossed stitches. The next motif is a combination of needle woven picots and detached chain stitches.

44.neewpi st-15