June 2010

This week’s TAST2010 challenge stitch has along name.It is longer than variations I have tried! LOL!.

I started with 4 variations, thinking  I’ll add some more while stitching, But after doing  4 lines of satin stitch,I  decided 4 is more than enough!

The basic lines-

9. Rais her band-1

The first line is laced with thin zari border[the idea was better on  mind than on fabric]

9.Rais her band samp-2

the 2nd line,I tried a lighter colour thread in 6strands-the effect was not very appealing.The next 2 lines I tried with six atrands of cotton skeins it was better.

9.R H B samp-3

For these 2 lines I added beads –

9.R H B samp-4

And my Raised herringbone band sampler in it’s full glory!

9 raised herringbone band sampler

P S : -Next time if there is a stitch which needs satin stitch base, I’ll try 2or 3 variations on the same line!

SharonB is started  a very interesting  needlework  challenge  TAST2010  this week’s stitch is fancy hem st..

This stitch looks like a filling stitch, I used it as a line stitch  because I am doing the stitches in this  challenge as band sampler.

I did not get too many ideas- starting with the sampler-

Fancy hem st sam-1

I stitched  fly stitch on second line and added beads and sequins-

Fancy hem stitch sampler-2

For the 3rd line-3 rows of fancy hem stitch-in between I couched a single strand of thread.Again added some gold beads-

Fancy hem st samp-3

The last line is 2 rows of the stitch,filling the gap with cross stitches,and embleshing with copper bugle beads-

Fancy hem stitch sampler-4

 My completed  sampler-

Fancy hem stitch sampler

Going on with the next stitch of this challenge.

7th week  stitch of the  needlework challenge TAST2010

This stitch was quite an easy one  to work. And  it resembled twisted chain st.

The first 4 lines were done in threads of different thickness, got the hang of this stitch-

Rope st samp-1

In this line, I did  the zigzag variation  and added beads.

The sixth line -Just alternatively varied the length of each stitch.

 the next one,four lines of the stitch in a wave pattern.

Rope st samp-2

Brown bugle beads were added to a line .

Four stitches were slanted alternatively to form a line, with some antique gold sequins.

Rope st sam-3

Next I tried  to do this as a version I saw in Encyclopedia of emb sts.It was refered as satin with a outline.

After this I just played with this stitch a while.In these variations-the needle was taken out with a very small insertion, leaving a small curve at at the end.

Rope st samp-5

Inthese two lines I laced and whipped the lines of Rope stitch.

Rope st samp -5

And this is my full sampler-

Rope st sampler

While browsing the flickr gallery of this challenge I came   across this information from my friend Jowynn.

Since the sampler was already done, I just used the  alternative   in  my project-

Rope stitch

Bullion stitch has started the chasing game again with me.

When I encountered bullion in TAST 1 challenge, I got scared,

A few times earlier, I have had my very bad days with  bullion st.This time I decided, I ‘ll struggle with it. I ‘ll do all the necessary steps,whatever the result may be,This will be my version of bullion.

Thought of trying  some variations ,I started with  a few  buttonwhole wheels-

6. buttonholeeyeletsampler -1

This sampler is in blue.I can’t procrastinate any more, I have to sart my bullion st.

6.but -eye -flo sampler2

Itried with beads too. I tried mixing other stitches with  my bullions[They are really my bullions,because they do have some peculiar charecteristics]A few more-

6.but-eye-flo sam-3

.this time I tried the stitch around the flower at last, till now they turned away from the buttonhole.


This is  the whole sampler. Though the sampler is completed, I need to work more, but I can definitely postpone now.


This is sampler of fifth week ofthe challenge TAST 2010-Knotted buttonhole stitch.

Knotted buttonhole-sampler-1

I started this sampler, with threads of different thickness.Then went on to increase and decrease the length and width of this stitch.This gave different variations of this stitch.

Knotted buttonhole-sampler-2

Then I added some straight stitches,sequins to the basic stitch to see effect and enjoyed it.

Knotted buttonholesampler 3

Then this stitch was tried on top and bottom on the same line, individually,and with detached chain too. This stitch really blends for so many variations.And will prove useful when I start my crazy quilting.