For the past few days I was away from the computer, slowly getting back to routine.
The linear stitches are being explored on Beyond TAST this month. While working the earlier TAST challenges, many linear stitches were studied, explored and tried. I am yet to think of ways to work this month’s challenge.
Petal stitch and pearl stitch samplers were worked during this week on SSS challenge. They are small band samplers and easy to work. The details of these will be posted soon.
Another colour thread was started on the yoke for the cream tussar tunic. Paisley design again!
The colours are ok for leaves and veins, another colour needs to be brought in for flowers, which shouldn’t overshadow the greens. Still working on greens for the time being.


This is a very new stitch on SSS stitch challenge. The working is explained on Queenie’s blog. I have a good respect for bullion stitch by not attempting it often. Sometimes these stitch challenges don’t help. This is one such time.
Starting the sampler, each and every twist on bullion had a mind of its own. During the earlier days of learning bullion stitches [most times the trials were abandoned] it seemed to prove that bullions are not my friends. After attempting and working some bullion stitches on TAST, a long distance relationship has emerged. Meaning- Looking at bullion stitches does not scare me. Their beauty is well appreciated.
A wretched attempt this time around-
Another row was tried again, during half way some of the half bullioned chain stitches looked passable. May be it is possible to work this stitch. The second row is a version long and short version of the stitch. The alternate stitches are chain stitches in the third row. The zigzag version is worked in the fourth row.
The plain part of this stitch is whipped in the first sample. I tried working the bullions alternatively on bottom and top in the second sample. Some detached chains, long tailed detached chains, twisted chains and Q stitches are worked with half bullions in the last sample.
The sampler is done!SSS.28.half bullioned chain stitchsampler

Going to Dubai for the weekend was fantastic, but it did not help in the progress of my projects!


This week’s chart on this challenge was worked on Sunday.

Grey crepe tunic

The border on the sleeve was completed yesterday. With this the left sleeve is ready. Hoping to start on the right sleeve today.



TAST 2016

We have a new stitch on TAST 2016 challenge. It is a decorative variation of buttonhole stitch which goes by the name ‘fancy bobbin edging’ the working of this stitch is on Pintangle. In two minds to work the samples as band sampler or on a design. Anyway looking forward to work this stitch.


Somebody had mentioned that today is world embroidery day.

Happy embroidery day to All!

In this fabric sampler book, on each page I am embroidering the TAST stitches along with some embroidery samples. These samples are a record of embroideries I have found interesting on the internet and are some of my own ideas.

This flower is worked in back stitch and satin stitch in perle cotton #8.



These circles are worked in back stitch with perle cotton#8.



After working the buttonhole stitches the space between is filled with chain stitch and satin stitch. these threads are cotton skein and perle cotton.



This floral spray is worked with stem stitch filling, fly stitch and stem stitch outline, some seed stitch filling and satin stitches.



Straight stitches were added to the satin fly stitched leaf.


Some more samples are to be worked in this page.

The next “post a photo..” on stitchinfingers is of chain stitch.Though I have done a few variations of chain stitch on TAST challenge, I did not post any stitch sampler .  these two yokes are done in completly in chain stitch.These two tunics I have already blogged about-.
The inspiration for the green one is kashmiri stitch-

chain st on tunic-1

The idea for this tunic embroidery pattern came while browsing through a pattern book, some greek pattern I think.

chain stitch on tunic-2

kutchwork on maroon blouse

The inspiration for this pattern came from a magazine. I saw a saree, which was embroidered on the border and pallu. It was done in aariwork[hook]. I still haven’t tried doing that work. My idea was to work chain stitch in single strand of cotton skein.
Then I bought a semi-tussar saree, in maroon, green ,black, beige colours[all colours together in one saree]. For this ,a semi tussar blouse material in maroon was chosen.
With all my enthusiasm[this was in place of my skill] drew the pattern on graph paper.
A medium size border, with uniformly placed single squares[for kutchwork] all over the sleeves of the blouse.
These single squares were done in two colours[they were slightly apart, which meant I couldn’t cross over from the wrong side] all together a time consuming foolish pattern idea!
The border was a piece of cake compared to the single squares.
I seem to have used the kutchwork with a vengeance on this blouse.

As for the colour combination, the threads I used were based on the saree colours, but they do look dull.
Lesson learnt- when doing a time consuming large embroidery, make sure the colours look extraordinary and matches most of the common outfits. Only then it is attractive.
Now the saree has gone, It is so difficult  to use this blouse now.

This tunic is a mangalgiri handloom cotton.I seem to be doing lots of green this year.Wish I had known of these  patterns before,it would have been easier. this tunic was sewn  and sitting on my wardrobe for months.I liked the colour combination, forgetting I already had too many greens.Finally I decided to do a small yoke in chain stitch.With the lemonish green printed salwar, the colur choice wasn’t many.The tunic started like this-

chain stitch tunic

This type of embroidery, done fully in chain stitch is very common in kashmiri embroidery.They use Aari needles to work the patterns, Iam not familiar with aari needle, so this was just normal chain stitch, done on kashmiri yoke pattern.The finished piece  looked like this-

green mangalagiri

This sure looks dull!Generally  I prefer  contrasting or complimenting colours.And I have 2 more green tunics to design.And I don’t even like green that much!