cream& black chanderi tunic

The black yoke with mirror work in three colours is completed.The colours  used are lemon yellow, medium green and medium mauve. the yoke outlines are done in cream.
The yoke when placed over the chanderi fabric before the tunic was sewn looked like this-

cream&black chanderi tunic-2 yoke

The tailor designed the neck based on the yoke pattern and the sewn tunic-

cream & black chanderi -tunic

I could have used many colour combinations with this cream and black background.I could have also embroidered over the printed pattern on the fabric too. This is just to think of different options.
The tunic would have looked good even without any type of embroidery. If that were the case , there wouldn’t have been anything to blog about, it would have just been worn.

This tunic fabric is chanderi cotton & silk mix. Things I know are it comes from a place called Chanderi,it is a woven fabric, on which textile prints are done,quite delicate , to be worn as dress needs lining. I have seen many chanderi sarees, and these days,chanderi dress materials are also available.
When I wanted to design a yoke for this tunic,inspiration was at its all time low. It was nil actually! Then , mirror work was chosen.

Designing was very minimum,just placing of the mirrors in rows.
So far so good,when the choice of colours came, again there was a block, So I ended up working the mirrors in these colours-

cream&black chanderi tunic-working

How well the yoke does not match the tunic will be seen on my next post!