Sometime ago I purchased a top from a store, which had a simple embroidery on it.
The top was block printed[black motifs on maroon fabric]. The collar and sleeves were attached with another block printed piece[ black on beige fabric] with designed lines. These kind of block prints are quite common in India. The embellishment – mirrors were attached springly to the designed lines at regular intervals.
After looking at it , I thought maybe a striped fabric can be used as a basis for embroidery. Line stitches can be worked with some mirrors. With this idea, I did two tops-one in blue and another in lemon yellow. In this post , I am giving the details of the blue top.
This blue top is hand woven ikat material- dark blue with beige . the striped fabric chosen was beige too.
The collar with line stitches and mirrors-

blue top-collar

the stitches used were- herringbone st,buttonhole st, running st, feather st,fly st[small motif] and mirror st. The same work is repeated on the sleeves-

blue top-sleeves

The embroidery was worked ,and then was attached to the top-

blue top

The yellow top on my next post.