Level- intermediate.
The steps to work the woven version of the motif, which I had designed on a yoke pattern is presented here.
It is a medium sized motif, simple and quick to work. The  motif-


The motif pattern-

motif-9 drawing

The pattern traced on fabric-

motif-9 on cloth

The basic stitches- the basic stitches are worked in three steps.
Step-1- the central square is worked first here, the journey starts-


The working of the square-


The square completed with basic stitch,
Step-2- the beginning of the working of basic stitches on the four corner bands.


One band is completed with basic stitch-


The four corner bands completed with basic stitches,
Step-3- the beginning of the basic stitch on the outline and squares.


Work in progress on the outline and squares. Note the movement of the thread on the intersections and insertions. Follow them and practice on them again and again to get the basics perfect.


The three steps of basic stitches are completed in green thread.


The weaving and interlacing-
This part is done in pink thread. This is done in four steps.
Step-1- the extra fourth line at four places , does not automatically flow with the interlacing or weaving movement of the thread, so they have to be worked separately . starting with that step-


The fourth lines is completed
Step-2- the weaving on the bands is started here-


The working of the weaving journey on the first band.


The weaving on the bands completed.
Step-3- the interlacing and weaving on the inner side of the motif starts here-


The weaving journey of the thread is shown here-


The last weaving on step-3.


The inner side of the motif completed,
Step-4 the last part of weaving and filling of outer squares are done in this step, which starts-


Interlacing in the first square-


Weaving journey –


Two sides completed-


The last weaving journey in this motif-


Completed motif.


Another angle of the completed motif

motif-9- completed2

2 Responses to “Kutchwork tutorial woven motif-9”

  1. […] Last week, I was working on a kutchwork motif as a part of yoke design. this motif was interlaced. the  instructions  of  working the woven version of this interlaced motif is posted here. […]

  2. Sa Says:

    Love this kutch work design and the embroidery. Seems complicated but easy and enjoy it once you get a hang of it.

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