Two ikat weave cotton fabric are used for this in dull orange and another printed black.
I had the black one , with no pattern ideas in my mind, then one day thought I can use another fabric to make into a salwar set[ Indian tunic].
Then the tunic was sewn, after that , the only useful thing it did, whenever I opened the wardrobe, was to stare at me accusingly that I had not done any work on it.
one day, the tunic won and I had to start .
Pattern-after deciding on kutchwork, I chose a few individual motifs and placed them to form a medium sized yoke.
Embroidery- fully kutch work, there was some space in between the motifs, which I filled up with feather stitch[ you cannot call it a fantastic idea, definitely]
The tunic also had orange borders on sleeves and slits, where I used a varation of fly stitch.
Threads- 3 strands of black and light orange threads.
The tunic-

black kutchwork on orange

The close up-

black kutch on orange closeup

The borders-

black on orange borders

 The  border variation can be used as decorative seam.

I was too focused on finishing this embroidery yoke, I didn’t pay attention to the feather stitch pattern and colour,. A geometrical pattern would have looked better. A few antique copper or gold beads  or pearl beadswould have helped too.

It is already done for me, but somebody can use the idea.