January 2010

This yoke was done atleast 10 years before.I was going through the old photos, when I saw this piece.At the time , when I did this embroidery, I was ignorant of the different  embroidery styles.After choosing a motif, I incorporated it with all the different embroidery stitches[at that time, I was learning the stitches from a   book].

Old yoke-1

these twin panels started  from the shouders, and ended at waist. I have separeated from the original tunic [Dark majenta block printed in black]

yoke closeup-1

The picture quality is not very good, but  you can see, how enthusiastically, I have used variety of stitches!

yoke closeup-2

Each umbrella[?] had a different filling pattern, and I filled each and everyone them!

yoke closeup-3

Another umbrella bursting with stitches.I was also NOT stingy with colours, more colours the better.I remember to have used 11 colours.As if the  filling stitches wasn’t enough, a line of back stitch and mirrors was also added.

yoke border closeup

This is the closeup of the border, even it has 7 colours!I also changed the fabric for the border, and did a line of insertion stitch to attach it to the cream fabric.May be I had the idea of consealing the cream fabric!

Early last year, I had done a celtic design . This pattern was from http://www.inkcircles.com/html/Goodies.html. [thanks]They gave  a full year of celtic patterns. I chose two patterns from them for frames. The second one  I did in dec2009-

printed pattern-2

I changed the colours. While working-

work in progress-2

This design was of ideal size for the frame, so I used the whole design.I think  it was 16inch aida cloth. the finished piece-

celtic pattern -2

I couln’t resist adding my initials on the four corners.The two frames together look like this-

celtic frame set

Working on the second frame was easier. I liked using fall colours on these pieces.

The inspiration for this came,while looking at Wills India fashion week last year.Maybe it was a printed pattern, it was not very clear,it reminded me of old greek or roman borders on vases. Instead of using mono colour, I adapted  a pink and green combination, It looked like this-

pink and green border

The green was not technically green because, it has a line of blue in it.Sofar so good, then to enhance the effect I added some cream and gold. Now-

yoke border

I got it attached to a printed tunic with another cloth[I was very stubborn on this because, the pattern was made for this purpose] 

finished tunic

After seeing the overall effect, all I can say is I’ll  be open for changes in future.
I did not leave it at that, I custom made a patiala salwar for this, I wonder why?
One smart thing was I left this tunic set in Madras, when I went for my 25th school reunion.

This tunic material was also from India.It’s a transparent , overall printed fabric. It had majenta colour flowers running all over, so I chose a silk/cotton in that colour to do the embroidery-

majenta yoke

No embellishments were added.Though  this colour looks bright when seen alone ,I can’t say it looks all that great on when attached to the tunic.  The whole embroidery was over in 10 hours.-

Cream tunic

Preeta from Muscat , had enquired about transfering  embroidery patterns-

there are 2 types of pettern books-

1.neck and yoke design books from  India- from these books  we can start on an idea  for embroidery and move on to actual pattern making.

2.textile and traditional Indian design books are also available.Requires lots of browsing on bookshops.these books are also very expensive.

For tranfering designs-

I design the pattern in its original size on an  A3 size paper or graph paper.

Then I use white or yellow carbon to trace it in a cloth, it is too risky to draw on the cloth[ biggest problem is the symmetry]. if the cloth itself is light coloured, then I use the corresponding colour carbon.

you can also enlarge your desired pattern and then trace it on to the cloth, this is the safest method.

Hope  my answers are useful for you, I can be more specific , if I have an idea of the project.

Wishing everyone a very a happy new year.

I just returned from India[again-last year alone I made 4 trips toChennai]after celebrating our school 25th year reunion,this concept is still new here,we enjoyed throughly.

first time I fasted a whole day on vaikunta ekadasi- also visited 5 temples.

looking back-

 I didn’t complete the stitch explorer and TDSITM challenges.

Managed to complete more projects than previous years.

Organised my projects this year.

Decided to set realistic goals in 2010.

2009 was the first year I set goals- I didn’t reach them , but completed over 70 projects [including stitch challenges and small projects].Realised, I accomplish more when I enjoy my needlework, the challenges just add more spice  to this.I did not allot time for the tutorials on this blog . Don’t want to jinx by  writing more on this.we’ll see.