Today I was going  through some stuff  in the cupboard, found these written on a paper.  I had written them  a few years ago from a website , which  I don’t remember now.

They are  interesting for me  and  don’t  know whether the information will be used, but the  words are so motivating-

Meanings of pictures
1.mountains- Long life
2.river- sea of happiness
3.Mountains and rivers together-long happy life
4.mist and clouds –good fortune and happiness
5.clouds and rain- sexual union
6.Clouds- blending of male and female-sky and earth
Rain-climax of union
7.landscape-overwhelming experience of one-ness of nature and soul
8. mountains-special objects of veneration to ensure cosmic order and permanence.

1.bamboo, pine and plum- three friends of winter.
Long friendship and bringer of happiness.
Characteristics of strength. Ideality, modesty , nobility and gentleness.


Chinese tiger- potent male principal of courage, bravery, dignity and sternness.
Tiger- guardian spirit of agriculture
– Devour of drought demon
Tiger- tsai shen , God of wealth

Crane- longevity- long life, wisdom, heavenly and blessed good luck.

PeonyPeony- symbolizes wealth and distinction. Omen of good fortune
– Positive influence for woman and man living harmoniously together
– Love, affection, feminine beauty

Lotus- creative power ,purity amid adverse surroundings
Lotus- faithfulness
– Symbol of achievement of enlightenment
– Opens up to beauty and light
– Miracle of beauty , light and life

– Abundance of wealth
– Symbol of endurance
– Perseverance and fortitude and associated with literature
– Water ,fertility and regeneraton
– Charm to evert evil
– Harmony and marital bliss
Swinging in pairs- joys of union
Freedom from all restraints
Ancient belief- transform into dragons upon reaching 100 years old.


Horses-emblem of speed , perseverance, symbolizes strength, courage and swiftness of life.