Cream tussar tunic

It was hectic two weeks. We went to Sur [4 hrs drive] previous weekend and it was Ramadhan holidays last was break from stitch challenges. Thinking about the challenges cannot be counted as active working.
But catching up the kantha work on ikat tunic started. I was working on one sleeve, before setting it aside.
Fillings have been completed on both sleeves as of now.
The sleeves of cream tussar have also started blooming this week.
Now on the mission to complete the kantha work. Then the time for Beyond TAST and SSS starts.

This fabric is self checked tussar silk tunic. I[means my tailor] made into a short tunic[kurti] .
The pattern –, I took a part of a corner pattern from a neck design book, and made it into a long diamond shape. The three medallion shapes are adapted from this shape. The filling stitch was an after thought, done by using the checks on the fabric.
The colours used are peach and green, the whole embroidery is done in two strands of anchor cotton skeins[I had not started using silk threads back then].
Now for the tunic-

Cream tunic-1

The close up-

Cream tunic- close up

The length of the tunic was too short, so later, a eyelet embroidered fabric in peach colour was attached to the base of the tunic. The salwar[Indian pants] was sewn with the same colour to make it into a set.

When I visited Sharon’s blog, I came to know of this site, which has scanned pictures of patterns dating back to 1885. Enjoy them!
1885- India was under British rule.Even My grandfather was not even born.