SharonB is started  a very interesting  needlework  challenge  TAST2010  this week’s stitch is fancy hem st..

This stitch looks like a filling stitch, I used it as a line stitch  because I am doing the stitches in this  challenge as band sampler.

I did not get too many ideas- starting with the sampler-

Fancy hem st sam-1

I stitched  fly stitch on second line and added beads and sequins-

Fancy hem stitch sampler-2

For the 3rd line-3 rows of fancy hem stitch-in between I couched a single strand of thread.Again added some gold beads-

Fancy hem st samp-3

The last line is 2 rows of the stitch,filling the gap with cross stitches,and embleshing with copper bugle beads-

Fancy hem stitch sampler-4

 My completed  sampler-

Fancy hem stitch sampler

Going on with the next stitch of this challenge.