Tutorial for woven kutch motif- small, continuous stitch
This motif is a part of a medium sized pattern that can be used for any project. The pattern has four motifs in woven kutchwork. This is the first one. Generally , in working the woven kutchwork, continuity of the thread journey is always not possible, but this small motif is different, the whole motif can be worked in one thread journey.
I have used two threads –one for basic stitch, another for interlacing for photographic purposes only. This matter is for individual choice.
The drawing pattern-

motif pattern

After drawing the pattern on the cloth, the stitch is started with first[yellow] thread.-



Travel to the next point on your left , make a small stitch.*


Make a small stitch at the next point on this small square-


After finishing the square, time to move across to the other end and make a small stitch


Again , make a small stitch at the next point-


Moving across to the other side-


Repeat the small stitch-


Crossing over start to work on the square at the other end-


Working around the square-


Completing  this square also-


Now moving across involves going up and down the lines already worked previously.-


Make a stitch at the adjacent point and come back crossing and moving up and down the next band-


Secure this thread at the other end and move over to the next point-


Make a small stitch again, prepare to move to the other end-


This picture shows the completion of the anchoring stitch-


Now for the interlacing, as we know, the anchoring stitch is the same for the normal and woven kutchwork. The variation starts in the interlacing, where we weave through the anchoring stitch.
Starting at the same place with the interlacing[ pink ] thread-


Simple interlacing in the square-


Go around the next point-


We start with the weaving here-

kutch 17

In this step the weaving is done, by taking cue from the anchoring stitch adjacent to it[ to the left side here].this thread just does the opposite journey of that anchoring thread-

kutch 18

We go around the corner, here-


We around the next point here and start weaving back-

kutch 20

We turn around at right angles-


Another turn at the right angle-

kutch 22

The last turn here to start the weaving, notice , how the interlacing thread goes over and under at the corner.Now the weaving stitch is worked opposite to the anchoring thread , which is adjacent to it.[right]

kutch 23

At the end of the pattern turn at the corner-

kutch 24

Again turn at the next point in this square-

kutch 26

We are returning back the same path was we went before, and turning at the right angles-

kutch 27

Turning around at the pointed corner-

kutch 28

We finish interlacing on this square-

kutch 29

After the square is interlaced, the thread starts a weaving again-

kutch 30

After forward journey, turning at the corners is done here-

kutch 31

Now the weaving back is worked with this thread-

kutch 32

We turn at right angles and complete th interlacing on this square-

kutch 33

We turn at right angles, and complete interlacing on the adjacent square also-

kutch 34

Turn at right angle, to start the weaving on the last band-

kutch 35

Now turn at the corners to complete this square-

kutch 37

Start weaving back to reach the last square-

kutch 40

Turn at right angle, going underneath the first stitch done with the interlacing thread, thus completimg this motif-

kutch 41

Completed motif-

small motif completed

Hope this tutorial was helpful. it would help me to improvise on my techniques, if there are feedbacks. Thank you.

15 Responses to “kutch work tutorial- small motif 3 [continuos working]”

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  2. yarngoddess Says:

    Have you thought of using evenweave fabric to create the motifs? I immediately thought of that to make it easy to have the shape consistent in repeated designs.

    1. jizee6687 Says:

      Thanks, Yarn goddess,
      closely woven even weave fabric are not easily available in India.so actually there was no choice at all,plain fabric it had to be.thanks for giving me the idea, I might try working these motifs on even weave now.

  3. Anita K Says:

    I accidentally came across your blog, i must say you are amazingly good and put in so much effort to post the pictures and instructions. keep up the work and all the best to you!!

  4. Uma Says:


    I accidentally came across your blog, and I was immediately hooked on to it. I also mentioned about your blog to my mom from whom I learnt the art of hand embroidery . She was also fascinated by it so much so that she forgot to serve dinner to my brother and father. 🙂
    The designs are beautiful.


    1. jizee6687 Says:

      LOL! Thank you and your mother for your wonderful compliment.

  5. ila patel Says:

    i am very much impressed by your efforts. Thank you very much for giving so much imformation.

  6. beautiful, very helpful to learn…. thank u

    1. jizee6687 Says:

      happy to know this.

  7. Mamatha. Says:

    Really it is very good .. I had forgotten as I had learned this some 5 years back.. Got a nice idea once again to start this work .. Thank u. And If u have the designs Plz send me if u can.. .

    1. jizee6687 Says:

      Thank you. I love drawing designs for kutch work embroidery.

  8. Premaganga Says:

    It was very helpfull for me to learn kutch wk

    1. jizee6687 Says:

      Happy to know this, Premaganga

  9. Hyma Says:

    The same work can be done on checked pattern cloth for even weaving

  10. sri Says:

    what should be the size of each square in the motif

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