I had a half-white synthetic saree, with geometrical prints in black& red.
A red fabric was chosen as blouse to match the saree.
The whole embroidery was done only on the sleeves of the blouse.
For the first time I tried creating a different border pattern for kutchwork,
earlier, I just modified and customized the usual kutchwork patterns to my requirements.
I used black, grayish green, and white colour threads to embroider the pattern.
The mirrors were done in red .
Other than kutchwork and mirrors, chain stitch,
two variations of feather stitch, and some straight stitches around the mirror were used.

kutchwork on red blouse

The mirrors-

kutchwork on red blouse- mirrors

The border closeup-

kutchwork on redblouse- border

The saree is not with me anymore, but the blouse is still worn along with some other sarees. Because of the three colour combination- red , black& white.