After posting the recent tutorial, I am still in the kutchwork embroidery mood.
This white tunic is store bought. I had a striped medium violet salwar[Indian pants] for which I bought this tunic.
The tunic also has woven stripes[ which I didn’t take into account, initially!]
The tunic had white sequins around the neckline and sleeve lines.
The yoke pattern was a simple floral, which had mostly herringbone stitches to be filled.
Instead of using only the violet colour, medium pink and green colours were also added for the embroidery.
I placed the tunic over the drawn pattern, and traced it with a pencil directly on the tunic. The pattern could be seen through the tunic fabric.

white tunic woth yoke-1

Only while working the stitches I noticed that the stripes on the tunic had a different weave pattern[ with holes too], with these holes the filling stitches had a mind of their own! Slowly I worked the whole pattern very carefully, still the herringbone stitches did not come out well at all.  the central cretan stitches suffered the worst! I did not want to take  a closeup picture for this reason,
Another picture-

white tunic with yoke-2

Lesson learnt-It is best to check the fabric before thinking about the design pattern.
After the first wash , the back of the tunic attracted a yellow stain. I tried removing it. It is a lost cause. Surprisingly, I am still wearing the tunic, Hubby loves it.